1. Rambler

    Investments & Loans - Access to members.

    I love MC-Market, I love posting here. I just ran into a problem with my server and I wanted to see if I could find 1-3 Investors. I proceed to go to the category and I cannot post. I believe us being able to post as a member of the website should be allowed, like you have people who don’t even...
  2. jerskisnow

    UltraFinancing - The website for your loan/investment company! 1.0.0

    UltraFinancing The one-page site for your loan/investment company! Screenshots: Support: You can either create a ticket on this discord server or send me a private message on MCM.
  3. BCraft

    Tips on loans (Help)

    I am looking for tips so that I can lend money in McMarket, I know that you can not be sure of not being scammed 100%, but, I try to seek to get closer to this number as much as possible. If someone has previous experience in this, it would be very helpful, for example, sending money in F & F...
  4. D

    Risen Brand | Investing in YOU

    Hello there. Welcome to Risen. Below is about us, How to gain investments and what we are all about. About - Risen Brand was created late 2018 by R1SEN & His friend Kiyan. Risen Brand is a holding company for several other brands. Including, Risen Services, Klipped, Risen Glow. Over £50 has...
  5. Justin Z.

    What are the requirements to post in the Investements & Loans section?

    The title is my question: What are the requirements to post in the Investments & Loans section? Because it says I need certain requirements to post in the Investments & Loans section.
  6. Douevengrammer

    DOUEVENGRAMMER’S Shop Services/ TOS/ Middleman Purchases! Buy now

    Howdy, there I know I have 2 rep but below the stuff that I’m selling I’m willing to use a middleman aka Chelsea. TOS: 1: We will use a middleman and do the deal smoothly 2: We both give pos rep for the deal or i will leave neg rep ;) 3: I won’t give any refunds if anything happens to your...
  7. 12Cole

    Can someone help?

    Hey there, I am trying to save up for 30$ to buy a minecon account. If you can donate or anything please pm me. Any donation helps! Also if I can do anything for you in return please let me know I am open to anything! Thanks so much to anyone who donates or anyone who even considers it.
  8. DARK31K

    I Need Someone...

    Hello, My name is DarkTheSkid, and Today I'm looking for someone to share a server with, I Can't afford it myself but i know everything i need to know to make one, I want to make a Prison Server I Know how to make one but i need someone to pay for it, We can split the profits made from the...
  9. Lightspeeder900

    3rd Owner for upcoming factions server

    Artheis Factions Hello. I am Lightspeeder900 otherwise known as Light, I am one of the 2 owners for an upcoming factions server called Artheis Factions. Unfortunately, not 1 of us has the funding or man power to kick start the server. So as we ask we are in need of a third owner who can help...
  10. Z

    Looking for a loan

    Hi there fellow users on Mc-Market, I know that I am new and most you will be skeptical, but I am in need of a $300 loan to get me started in botting. The laptop I am currently working with(an old 2002 thinkpad) simply doesn't have the required processing power to run any of the bots that I use...
  11. Ivain

    Loans Proofing

    I could not find a way to explain this in a simple way in the title, so I'll have to explain it here. Lately I've noticed (like a lot of other people) that the Loans section is a popular place for scammers. As the case of Panic showed, the current restrictions are far from a guarantee. Now, I...
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