lobby + bungee

  1. Maazapan

    |[NEW] Bungee & Lobby Setup | AntiBots, Lobby, Menus, Gadgets, Animations & More! 1.0.8

    This is an established lobby and bungeecord server packege with a good high quality, containing some unique things about the setup, keep reading to know more information about the setup. My Others Setups and Plugins: https://www.spigotmc.org/members/kaiz3r.686173/...
  2. dadenklo522

    BUNGEE + LOBBY SETUP FREE /lobby Antibot Anticrash Rank Setup AntiVPN ... 1.1

    Motd Playercounter Rank Setup Teleporter Extras (Effects,Skulls,Wardrobe) Tablist Nickhider ∴ SUPPORT∴ If you want any feature for me to add to the setup just send it in the discussion or if you want message me on discord! GodlyFishy#0494
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