loot chests

  1. Snyk

    Dungeons System [1.12 - 1.18] 1.2.8

    Welcome to the Official Dungeons System Plugin. Languages Supported: English (default) or you can transfer to your language. Dungeon System supports with 1.12 and higher. Support Hex Color with Custom Mobs, Custom Bosses with 1.16 and higher. CorpseReborn support (recommend) MythicMobs...
  2. FearfulDenizen

    Dungeons [1.12-1.18] - Custom Loot Chests | Custom Bosses | Custom Mobs | Custom Spawners 4.9.8

    Inspired by Hypixel Skyblock Dungeons and Minecraft Dungeons. Wiki dungeons.carrd.co MythicMobs https://www.mythicmobs.net/index.php 1.12 Support Dungeons now supports 1.12 and up! Features that aren't available in the version: - Slow Falling Potion Effect (Added in 1.13) - Dolphins_Grace...
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