main menu

  1. HydenMC

    [50% SALE] DeluxeMenus Configuration (Kits, Warps..) 1.3.2

    ☄️HIGHLY QUALITY DELUXEMENUS' MENUS ☄️ This is a configuration, not a plugin. With hours of work, this DeluxeMenus configuration will bring you a high-quality experience. Please note that you will have to edit the menus to work with your warps, ranks etc. You will also need a way to have...
  2. TrollingCake_

    [Free] Server Main Menu with Servers, Warps and more using ChestCommands [Spigot/Bungee] 1.0

    Are you bored of having to create your server's main menu from scratch? Here's the solution! Features: - Servers List - Warps List - Extras/Customs List - With Decorations - Pre Set up examples Installation: - Install ChestCommands (v3.14 Recommended) - Add mainmenu.yml in the menu folder...
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