max prestige command

  1. BabyKyo

    PrestigePlugin (Max Rankup, Max Prestige & Unlimited Prestige) 1.1

    Config Files: mysql: host: hostname port: 3306 database: databasename username: dbuser password: dbpassword messages: rank_up: '&e&lRANKUP &8» &7Congratulations, you ranked up from %Rank-1% &7to %Rank-2%&7.' not_enough_money: '&e&lRANKUP &8» &7You don''t have enough money to...
  2. Ammar_mc

    LIMITED 50% SALE RevRankup V4 HUGE UPDATE (Max Rankup & Max Prestige Command & Unlimited Prestige) 6.3

    Informations » When you buy RevRankup join this discord to get support & your License Key! Test Server » ip:
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