medieval build

  1. Fairy Studios

    【#1】Fairy Team | 30% OFF | Proffesional Building Service

  2. Mazapan

    Exclusive Medieval Spawn - With Resell Rights $25 USD

    Medieval Spawn Information: Size: 200x200 Spawn Format: Schematic or World Price: $25 USD Discord: xKaizer#5889 Includes: Crates, Pvp Zone, Jails, Auction, Spawn, 1.16 Blocks
  3. OnceStudios

    [10% OFF] Medieval Hub 200x200 | 1

    A medieval themed map with extensive wildlife, large enough with npc spots, initial spawn, and greenery. » BUILD INFO Size: 200x200 Version: 1.8.8+ File Type: .schematic 3D View: Click Here
  4. C4RLOZ

    This map has been sold

    An very beautiful Medieval Spawn that will give an another face for your server! High Quality Map, very detailed! Space for 7 Npc's Markets Size: 160x160 Game Version: 1.8x Price: $15.00 My Discord for help: Carlos Eduardo#6609
  5. C4RLOZ

    This map has been sold

    An very beautiful Medieval Spawn that will give an another face for your server! High Quality Map, very detailed! Space for 3+ Npc's (managed by you) Size: 150x150 Game Version: 1.8x Price: $12.00 (Opened for offers) My Discord for help: Carlos Eduardo#6609
  6. G

    Medieval Castle Village [150x150] RELEASE

    150x150 Medieval themed Interior in all structures
  7. MelleJunior

    [HQ]Medieval Pines Hub 100x100 1.12+

    A small medieval hub themed in pine wood with red medieval houses decorating its interior. The map is located over a flying island and has several places for NPCs and crates. Version: 1.12+ Size: 100x100
  8. MelleJunior

    [HQ]Farming Medieval Island 200x200 1.12+

    A well-decorated hub with red roofs and various structures decorating its interior. The map still has a place for boxes and NPCs as well as various vegetation around it and wheat plantations decorating its island. Version: 1.12+ Size: 200x200
  9. WNB Builders Team


    FANTASY-MEDIEVAL SERVER HUB · Size ~150x100 ☆ · Version - 1.12.2+ ☆ · 3 Places for NPC ☆ · 4 tents for NPC-Merchants ☆ · 2 Places for Crates/Hologramms ☆ · Beautiful Forest ☆
  10. WNB Builders Team

    | FANTASY-MEDIEVAL SERVER HUB | $ 3.99 | 1.12+

    · Size ~150x100 ☆ · 3 Places for NPC ☆ · 4 tents for NPC-Merchants ☆ · 2 Places for Crates/Hologramms ☆ · Beautiful Forest ☆
  11. WNB Builders Team

    ✔ 24 HOUR AUCTION✔ Fantasy-Medieval Hub/Lobby ✔ Starting price $7 | +Resell rights.✔

    Welcome to my Auction! Includes: 1. Resell rights. 2. Render 3. 2 Crates 4. 5 places for NPC (Can be Edited.) 5. Parkour 6. Spawnpoint area. Lobbie sizes ~120x120. You will get: Schematic: 1.12 (Can be Edited.) Payment methods: PayPal WebMoney QIWI Card(Visa, Mastercard) The winner of the...
  12. C4RLOZ

    CLOSED | Floating Island Medieval Spawn | 130x130 | +Resell Rights | $20 |

    This is a exclusive map! Buying this you have total Resell Rights! Interested? contact me in Discord - Carlos Eduardo#6609
  13. Zarbyx

    For sale Lobby 300x300 / Good FPS

    Hello good day!!! I am selling a 300x300 Lobby for only $20. Theme: medieval / blue Features: It has with its respective NPCS, has no lag (fps) and has a good place to walk. If you are interested, I leave my discord: Discord: Zarbyx#3332
  14. attari.


    Hello, I'm the Sales Manager of the newly founded Building Team, Swirlline Studios. The following pre-made build is up for sale with RESALE RIGHTS! Please direct message me here or through discord; heyattari#5340 Swirlline Public Discord for any other inquiry;
  15. KeystoneBuilds

    Floating Mansion Hub ➔ 300x300 1.3

    Information: > The map is supported for versions 1.8 - 1.18+ > On the map is place for 9 NPC's > Beautiful medieval village > Place for Crates (it is possible to add more) > Mansion in the middle with beautiful interior > Beautiful trees around whole map - 3D Model:
  16. Sealflipper

    Solo Builder Specializing in Medieval Style

    Hi! I offer many skills for any builds you may require. My best fields are in the medieval style, interior decorating and terraforming. However, I also dabble in the modern, apocalyptic and rustic styles. I also enjoy map art and can create the logos of your server for you. I can do many...
  17. Saberfarm

    Themed Bedwars Map - Cheap Quality Build!! 1.0

    Medieval Themed Bedwars Map Within this build we made had a idea to enhance players POI to make sure they understood and enjoyed the build. Map Features: 150 x 150 Custom Island And Builds Compressed Zip Customisable Features Any Further Questions Or Commission Requests Please Join...
  18. Godliness

    Fast/Free Mini Spawn

    Hey! yall Im back on McMarket but im not looking for your money just your clicks.. I made it possible for people to get my builds for free while i get paid just 5 seconds of your time while you wait to install youre free build into your minecraft world! Todays free build is a mini spawn its...
  19. WizWazWizard

    Redo my Medieval Sky Island Survival Spawn

    INFO: I need someone/team to re-create me and my friends Medieval Sky Island Village that we made for a contest. The owners of the contest didn't accept it since it was not on their server and us kind of got left with it. I'm currently trying to make it for my server, but we have no idea how to...
  20. MonkeyBuilds

    High quality constructions at a good price

    Hello, my name is Luis, I can build myself, I do terraformings, organics and anything you ask me Building is my Hobby, I have a lot of buildings made for you to see and decide to hire me EXCLUSIVE CONSTRUCTIONS! LOBBY´s 100x100 $ 8 200x200 $ 16 500x500 $ 36 KOTH´S 100x100 o 150x150...
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