1. I_Luv_Cowz

    [Free & Open Source] Highly configurable store plugin. Alternative to BuyCraft & CraftingStore 1.0.0

    Open sourced: Before you continue, you need to have a PayPal business account in order to use this plugin. Register a PayPal business account here: This plugin aims to help server owners eliminate the need to pay for...
  2. B

    TE-MerchantEnchant (TokenEnchant/AutoSell) 1.0.9

    THIS PLUGIN REQUIRES TOKENENCHANT & AUTOSELL TO FUNCTION. THIS IS NOT A PLUGIN BUT AN ENCHANT ADDON Created on TE-API 18.15.2 Overview This enchant allows you to get more money from AutoSell based on your enchant level. In addtion, it allows you to show how much money was earned just from the...
  3. Praya

    Merchant [1.9.x - 1.12.x] 1.4

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