1. SrDec


  2. SrDec


  3. SrDec

    5 exclusive 200x200 mines with resale right 20$.

    5 mines of 200x200 exclusive with resale right at 20$. Contact : SrDec#8992 Photos
  4. C4RLOZ

    NON-EXCLUSIVE | Medieval Prison Mine | 100x100 | $2.50

    Size: 100x100 High Quality & High Detailed Minecraft Version: 1.12.2+ (can i edit this to 1.8 for free) Resell Rights: No Price: $2.50 Discord: Carlos Eduardo#6609
  5. Sliide_

    PVP Mine 2019-11-27

    ________________________________________________________________________ $4 -> $2 Hi there i'm Sliide_ and i bring you all this HUB/Lobby PVP Mine with a large plate to PVP and have fun. * This was built by Sekai7 and I do have resell rights over this build. Recommended use FAWE...
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