minecraft spawn

  1. GamaBuildTeam

    [Free] SteamPunk Spawn

    So as we promised, here's the "Tragate Island" free map that you guys voted on INSTAGRAM to be a steampunk styled! Make sure to leave a review and DOWNLOAD it for FREE
  2. Watchers Of Fate

    [200x200] Snake Spawn 1.0

    This spawn is circular, with a diameter of 200 blocks, with a snake consisting of a head at each end of the body. This spawn is very customizable, you have the possibility to put NPCs, portals, whatever you want !
  3. Hyronic Studios


    Special Offer! Get this masterpiece for only 9.99$! This resource contains both worlds and schematic. If the download system of mc-market is down. Please contact us to get support and the direct link. c30d548d58824c289f8380379fba2753 You cannot include this product inside of any...
  4. Conetic

    Prison Builder Team

    I am looking for a builder team to build me a floating island prison spawn, I want it to be Christmas themed and professional. On the island I want to include 6 crates and 6 NPCs for me to put. I don't want the island to be huge like a 150x150 I want it to be around 40x40 - 75x75. I do no want...
  5. Ergon

    [$2.49] Fantasy Faction Spawn * CHEAP * TRUSTWORHTY * 1.0

    A simple 125x125 fantasy themed faction spawn, a lot of enderchests available to access. 6 crates in the South West corner. Size: 125x125 Theme: Fantasy File: Schematic file. Please note that this build is non-exlusive and does not come with re-sell rights.
  6. Theo J

    $3.49! 200x200 HQ Factions Spawn - 1.2.1

    High Quality Factions Spawn "Andoria" (Red Theme) Images: With Shaders: Without Shaders: Information: Minecraft Version: 1.8.x + Map Size: ~200x200 Blocks Copy Location: Middle of Spawn Facing North Schematic Name: Andoria1-2 Schematic Size: 523 KB Video Showcase: Coming Soon...
  7. StrikesDev


    Hello everyone, welcome to this resource, i want to sell my Custom Prison spawn for very cheap price, this is non-exclusive build. i used 1.8.8 blocks to build this. Contact me on discord for more information: Strikes#5547 T.O.S You cannot resell the resell this build, selling this build...
  8. V

    High Quality Lobby/Spawn || GREEK/ROMAN Style || Size 500x500+ 1

    A high quality spawn that can be used for anything such as a lobby, prison or skyblock server etc. Features Size: 515x515 Place for up to 5 crates Place for up to 4 NPCs Images Note when you paste make sure you're above 100 blocks as the schematic is saved from the spawn point.
  9. Matilaina

    Hub or Spawn Build! 300x300 Very detailed! 2019-11-27

    Hey! I made this beautiful spawn a while ago and I'm selling it, hope you love it. If you have any questions feel free to add me on discord at: Matilaina [Mati]#2201 It can be used for pretty much anything you need, for a hub, gamemode spawn, faction spawn, prison spawn, even for a pvp arena!. 4...
  10. Duck

    SkyBlock Spawn | Crates Area | Shop Area | & More! unmaintained

    Ignore the crates/npcs
  11. Theo J

    405x405 HQ Practice PvP Spawn / Hub 1.0

    High Quality Practice PvP Spawn/Hub Images: With Shaders: Without Shaders: Information: Minecraft Version: 1.7.10 + Map Size: ~405x405 Blocks Copy Location: 80 Blocks up from Spawn. (Flat World) Schematic Name: PracticeSpawn1-0 Schematic Size: 878 KB Video Showcase: Coming Soon...
  12. Jami

    [151x151] Non-Exclusive Factions/Survival Spawn

    This spawn is 151x151 blocks! Images: If you want to see more pictures of the spawn, click here This spawn includes: Crates Area Staff Area (So people can see what's the staff on your server) Enchanting Area 3 other small domes where you can put whatever you want Farming Area (Where you...
  13. Garner

    Tree Spawn 1.0

    Wanted to bring a super cool free spawn to mc-m. So here it is.
  14. Callet

    50x50 Fantasy Plot World Spawn! 2018-03-19

    This is a 50x50 Fantasy Plot World Spawn This spawn was originally made for a prison server but could be used for creative and many more gamemodes! https://gyazo.com/08313684c21910fc88851c1904eb4a42
  15. Theo J

    200x200 HQ Factions Spawn - "Andoria" 1.2.1

    High Quality Factions Spawn "Andoria" (Red Theme) Images: With Shaders: Without Shaders: Information: Minecraft Version: 1.8.x + Map Size: ~200x200 Blocks Copy Location: Middle of Spawn Facing North Schematic Name: Andoria1-2-1 Schematic Size: 523 KB Video Showcase: Coming Soon...
  16. CaptainCrose


    Minecraft Server Spawn Firstly Hi. I think you gonna say something like "Why Sellfy?". My answer for that is, "Because I can give the map easily via Sellfy." I hope you like it. Have fun! Build By Mahzis @2017 (Map 1.11.2) PRICE: *8.00 USD/ NOW 50% OFF! (4 USD!) Discord - discord.gg/pWnWwbV...
  17. CaptainCrose


    This was accidentally opened New thread: http://www.mc-market.org/threads/224590/
  18. ZackIsTheBest


    Exclusive faction spawn, custom walls, spawn point, etc. etc. Never used before. One of my first builds, looking to build more, but on the fantasy side. - Crates area (Expandable) - Every level enchantment area w/anvils - Custom Trees/Biomed - 4 Exits (Able to go around the outside walls) And...
  19. ZackIsTheBest


    If you wish to buy it please go to https://sellfy.com/2Lips No longer exclusive! (Can't delete the post :/)
  20. ToxicBG

    Minecraft ★Factions Spawn★ [With Shop] [Fully decorated] (115x115)

    I was going to use this spawn in my server but i closed it after 3-4 days and i decided to sell it. Its a 115x115 designed for factions server but you can use it everywhere.There are: 2 jumps,mini shop,a lot of decoration,place for food,place for enchanting and place for item repair.Its a...
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