1. JLH_YT

    Minecraft Server ($10,000 Profits in 6months)

    Wondering what play.HotdogCraft.net would be worth as a network including the TikTok + discord server included. I am looking to sell so also feel free to put offers (discord - JLH#5083) Important Information: Weekday player average: 45 - 50 Weekend player average: 60 - 70 Costs per month: $300...
  2. Bleyou

    PvPSchool !STAFF NEEDED!

    PvP School Network Hello! my name is Devin, IGN: SpookyLive PvPSchool Network will be releasing our first season ever Saturday. PvP School is a practice server meant to test player's skills to the highest abilities. We will be experiencing high player volume this weekend (100-300 players) and...
  3. Z

    Minecraft logo

    Hello I am Zay and I am going to be opening an upcoming skyblock server and I need someone to make a logo, will pay dm me on discord Zays son#0425
  4. FactionsVolts

    Client Creation | Developers Needed!!!

    Looking for Developers!!! I am looking for developers who are able to code in C++. I want to get a client-made. Specifically for Hypixel Skyblock, and If done correctly and advertised correctly, It would become immediately played by a lot. I'm specifically pointing directly to Skyblock Youtubers...
  5. Cvul

    Selling a 4.4k discord server | Read Description

    Looking for PayPal, CashApp or Payoneer - MUST SHOW PROOF OF FUNDS - Is a little inactive DM ๖ۣۜNathan#2612 for more information
  6. havenrp

    City Roleplay | 900$ within 2 weeks of opening, 150 Players on Launch, Custom Plugins, 650 Player Discord

    CITY ROLEPLAY, A ROLEPLAY THEMED MINECRAFT: JAVA EDITION SERVER City Roleplay is a Minecraft RP server, previously set in Japan, and currently set in Europe. The server launched August 2021, before closing roughly around November, and currently beginning to open up again with a new, and larger...
  7. T

    1.18 Earth Map

    Looking to get a quote for a decent scale 1.18.1 earth map using the new height limits for mountains and such, something similar to the 1:924 scale earth map with the cool landmarks and usable terrain, not something like the earthtiles maps which use google height data and is all jagged. Can...
  8. PrecedingxD

    Warzone Network - HCF | Looking for Investors

  9. iTzZF3AR


    Hello there! Thanks <3
  10. PvP2Max

    Discord Server Setup

    I'm needing a professional discord server completely setup for my minecraft network, VagueMC. Message me if you have any questions!
  11. CobbleHost

    [25% OFF] CobbleHost | Minecraft $2.75/GB | Free Dedicated IP | Premium | France

    Get 25% OFF your first month with promo code "MCMARKET". We accept PayPal, Stripe, and Crypto Currencies https://cobblehost.com
  12. Folium Construct

    4 Biomes PitPVP Map - 300x300 v1

    Information: Beautiful PVP valley with a giant tree as the centrepiece, bringing along 4 unique biomes along with custom terrain. Can be used for a PitPVP game mode, or just a general-purpose PVP or PVE arena. Price: $4.99 Size: ~300x300 Versions: 1.16-1.18 • Large tree spawn • 4 biomes •...
  13. CheekyPandaBoy

    Seeking EXPERIENCED web-designer to finish a partially constructed website.

    Greetings I have started a website with another web-designer who decided to walk away from the project due to her limitations and lack of professionalism. I'm looking for a professional experienced web-designer who could quote me on the costs of finishing the work according to my needs. Due to...
  14. lunarisdev

    Discord Bot Developer (And Hosting)

    Hi there! For those that don't know who we are, we are a Discord Bot development team (and an online hosting service). We offer bots using all the latest Discord features. Our development team has been coding for many years, and would be more than happy to make you our client! We sell these...
  15. B3 Development

    AISales Middleman Services are now LIVE!

    -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- My name is Dustin, the founder of AISales. As a team of five at the moment, we plan to expand in big ways soon enough...
  16. B3 Development

    AISales Server/Plugin Configuration is HERE!

    -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- My name is Dustin, the founder of AISales. As a team of five at the moment, we plan to expand in big ways soon enough...
  17. G


    Hey this is sokkos the owner of snowpvp and our server has no players at all but defiantly deserves players.We are hoping we can get a twitch streamer with over 70 concurrent viewers per stream or a youtuber with over 100 subscribers. I am willing to make a deal with whoever asks me to do it...
  18. G

    Requesting a youtuber with over 70 subscribers or 70 views in streams

    Hey this is sokkos and i would like a youtuber or twitch streamer with over 70 subscribers or 7- active viewrs per stream to advertise my minecraft server snowpvp.ml to the public and you would get Media rank on it no matter how many subs over 70. Ip:Snowpvp.ml Discord:Sokkos#9197
  19. Sir_Craftypants

    [Cosmetics] Various Hat Pack + Itemsadder Config 1.0

    Pack Contains: 14 Custom Hat BBModel files 14 Model Json files 1 Itemsadder Configuration. In this pack you have 7 different coloured Baseball Caps worn sideways and 7 worn backward. The Models in this pack do not require a custom texture as they use Minecraft textures instead, this does...
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