1. J

    LOOKING FOR- Used Minecraft 2014-2015 gift cards

    I will pay face value as if it was unused and shipping. You can block out the pin. Hit me up if interested
  2. H

    HostVio | Powerful DDoS Protection | €0.9/GB VPS | 99.9% Uptime | NA & EU

  3. JohnVaragoulis

    ZeroHosting - Web Hosting / Discord Bot Hosting / Minecraft

    ZeroHosting - Best Web Hosting / Discord Bot Hosting / Minecraft We've built our business on the premise of being able to provide honest, high-performance hosting services for less. At ZeroHosting, we're all gamers. We love to play the games that we host and have real experience operating these...
  4. Treead

    Offering Services

    [OFERING] #Mythic Mobs We create basic mobs/skills that can be done with MythicMobs #Mmo Items We do everything that can be done with Mmo Items. We Just need the details of the item u want. #Tab We can do tabs like Hy!pixel skyblock tab or what you want. #Setups...
  5. S

    🔥MantleMC SKYBLOCK🔥 Looking for discord members (3x Nitro Boost GIVEAWAYS)

    Hello, I am step owner for the MantleMC network. We are a new Skyblock & more network looking for new members for our server, and discord and who are looking to join an amazing community! And would love people to join us on our journey. What we offer: A fully customized Skyblock, and game...
  6. PUBCS

    PreGenMC.com -- Pre-Generated Minecraft Worlds | Download Ready | Square Radius | Overworld, Nether, and The End worlds

    PreGenMC.com Contact [email protected] for help, information, questions, custom sizes, worlds, or different Minecraft versions!
  7. EliteCreatures

    EliteCreatures | Premade | High Quality | Affordable | Model & 3D Bosses Shop

  8. Zampato

    Zampato Designs ⭐ Static Server Banners ⭐ Vouch copies available

    High quality static server banners. Made to the clients requirements! Delivered within 24hrs. Vouch Copies: 0/2 Price: $2.50 Portfolio: https://www.behance.net/zampato To purchase a design, please contact me via discord: Zampato#6969
  9. Kylix

    🪐 Kylix Services 🪐 - 🍂 Reliable, High-Quality, Simplicity (MC Server, Discord and Plugin Configuration) 🍂

  10. A

    Looking for a freelancer to make a Minecraft data pack

    Looking for someone to help me make a Minecraft datapack for an SMP. If you could leave some sort of contact, Discord, email, etc, that would be amazing.
  11. ClimateFrozen


    Hey, Academia is currently looking for small content creators, for our first map release (9th July 6pm GMT+1) You may view our media requirements, and create a ticket. In the ticket, we will cover payments if you are eligible. Academia Discord : discord.academia.wtf Contact for inquiries ...
  12. B

    LF Configuration and Plugin Manager

    Looking for Configuration and Plugin Manager for factions, skyblock, and survival server types. Requirements: Familiarity with YAML Experience with common plugins like World Guard, B Skyblock, Essentials, BSP, etc... Understanding of server economics and UI flow FTP capabilities Linux...
  13. Mantle Network

    Mantle Network : Lead Developer wanted

    Mantle Network are currently on the search for a competent Lead Developer to help create a brand new Minecraft community in order to expand our horizon. We can offer hosting of the server on our high quality dedicated server as well as advertising within our network of 850+ members. On top of...
  14. C

    Skyblock Account SKILL AVERAGE 45 6.5b NETWORTH

    :)SELLING MFA ACCOUNT:) STATS: skill average 45:eek: Mvp+:p 6.5b networth (y) great gear and stats to get skills up (it has term, hyp e drag and g drag):love: Slayers: Sven 7 Voidgloom 7 Wolf 7 (close ish to 8) Spider 6 Bank hold 500m has enough gold collection for 1b ;) No coop members.(y)...
  15. DoraTheExploror


    I am offering promotions / ads on a TikTok account with over 150K+ followers total! The @ of the account will be shared in private along with proof of ownership and analytics. CURRENT FOLLOWER COUNT: 211.2K ACCOUNT ANALYTICS: This account is mainly a Minecraft Survival / Minecraft SMP...
  16. K

    Minecraft Server Setup Factions

    Hello there! I'm looking for someone capable of making a factions server with the world map based on the victorian era with the same nations, ranks, scoreboard, economy system, spawn, crates, kits... The budget is $40, but I don't know why I can't pay with PayPal, it would have to be another...
  17. S

    MINECON 2012

    I buy FA minecon 2012 Discord: Szurima#0001
  18. iShyroB0SS

    Minecraft Java Setups - / Server Creator

    Hey! Im shyro, beginner programer and minecraft server setup freelancer, Astronaut at Orbital Studios. Look my portfolio, developed for me. https://ishyro-dev.github.io/portfolio/index.html # COMISSION ME! Discord: iShyro#2396
  19. GeniusWolf

    Spawn | Dead Island | [ONLY 5.99€] 2022-07-01

    Dead Island Price: 5.99€ 3D Model: https://skfb.ly/ovOHC Informations: The size of the map is 450x450 Schematic version 1.12 Can be used as Spawn map Support: If you have any question/problem, just contact me in PM!
  20. Gennario

    Gennario's Development || Providing marketplace resources and COMMISSIONS

    Hey, I'm Gennario ;) I'm a minecraft developer who works with armorstand animations and systems. I sell various plugins on public marketplaces and accept commissions on my discord. ----------------------------------------------------------- <[ SHOPSYSTEM ]> Best network shop system on the...
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