1. PM2.

    1.8-1.18 AdvancedCrates 3D In Person Crate Animations Lootboxes Per-Player Animations 2.8.5

    Need help? Have questions? Join our discord server. A change in the crate plugins that was needed AdvancedCrates is a crates plugin, reloading the crates with crazy, groundbreaking never seen before animations, plus - offering a unique solution to keep your players enjoying opening crates...
  2. Cian

    HCFactions CrateReloaded Config | 16 Crates | Monthly Crate Config | Hologram & Vouchers included 1.2

    20% SALE - LIMITED TIME ONLY Professional High Quality Crate Setup for HCF Servers Owners that are looking to bring in easy profit for their servers. Used by previous server owners along with myself bringing in quite ALOT of profit. Pictures: Selling Price of each crate: Gold / Fire -...
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