namemc vote rewards

  1. Nikitu

    NameMC Likes | The best NameMC plugin| 50% OFF | 1.0

    NameMCLikes: This plugin allows you to reward your players for liking your server on How To Use: 1. Launch the server - this will generate the default config. 2. Set your server's name in the config (e.g. 3. Set a list of commands to run (without /) in the config...
  2. HeavySleeper

    Boost - NameMC Vote Checker ~ [THE BEST VOTE PLUGIN TO DATE] Promote YOUR Server Through NameMC! 2020-03-03

    Boost - NameMC Vote Checker I being unable to find any WORKING NameMC-Vote Checkers (especially free of lag), decided to hire a developer to create such a fantastic plugin. This plugin was originally crated by HeyItsSkay, and ownership was transferred over to me. This is BY FAR the best way to...
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