1. RealKnight14

    River Network | RiverNetwork.Net | Skyblock And Survival | 1.8 - 1.18

    River Network River network is a crossplatform minecraft server with many custom features and a active player base! Minecraft Bedrock IP RiverNetwork.Net Port 19132 Minecraft Java IP
  2. Legendarified

    ApexNetwork - Management Recruitment / Staff Members

    APEXNETWORK Apex Network is recruiting for a Management position and lower staff positions. A screenshot of our newly release website homepage. We are a Minecraft Java Network with multiple gamemodes such as Prison / Skyblock with massive potential but not the management to help us achieve...
  3. B

    HyperCore | Very necessary! 2021-12-28

    Functions: - Gamemode (1,2,3) - Spawn - SetSpawn - DelSpawn - JumpPads - BlockCommands - Broadcast - ClearChat - Fly - Msg - SocialSpy - Anti Build (Yes or No) - Anti Place block (Yes or No) - Motd Gamemode: Command: /gm (1,2,3) Permission: hypercore.gamemode.(1,2,3,*) Spawn: Commands...
  4. MythricHD

    RiftMC Community | Trainee Recruitment | The Portal To Your Favorite Creators

    WHO WE ARE: RiftMC is a unique community network that specializes in ViewerSMP's for a variety of streamers and content creators. Alongside with housing plenty of your favorite contents creators, we are a fully EULA compliant bedrock compatible network that strives to soon start opening all the...
  5. lRusian

    TwisterHub | Ranks Hook | Scoreboard | Tablist 0.2-SNAPSHOT

    Rank Support: Vault, Mizu, AquaCore, Zoot, Zoom, Hestia Queue Support: EzQueue, Portal, Custom Join Message Join Sound Join Speed Double Jump Launch Pad Hub Selector Server Selector EnderButt Scoreboard Tablist Multimedia Commands Owner Panel (scoreboard with TPS) Dependencies ProtocolLib...
  6. Conetic

    Helpers - Managers

    Need a staff team ASAP we release tomorrow! All Senior Admins and above will be paid and no I am not going to accept you just for money I want you to actually be interested. Most likely if you say I will want this job for Senior - Admin+ to then I will deny cause you sound like you want it for...
  7. Sylar

    ⭐| KleptoCraft ~ All staff positions in need |⭐

    Welcome to KleptoCraft We are a greek theme network new to the makings we hope to keep you around and you enjoy the server. We are currently looking for staff to make our server much more colorful. Check out our Website: Our Discord...
  8. Yuliyan Dimitrov


    Hello, I am buying Minecraft Standalone server or Network with domain, discord active players 100+, discord, website and everything. I am offering $2000 max!
  9. TrueSurvival

    TrueMC Network | GENS | SKYBLOCK | SURVIVAL - $1500 Seasonal Payouts! 2k+ Discord Members!

    ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Important Info ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Our Discord is, like our ingame chat, English only to allow for effective moderation. However, we do have an International text and voice channel! All messages here should be friendly and constructive - any comments, posts, links, images, memes, etc that are...
  10. P

    Minecraft 1.8.x-1.17 SMP Network

    Hi, I'm Selling this Minecraft Server of mine I developed. For 50USD you'll get the server files to be able to put those into a Hosting/VPS Server It's a Network with a Hub and an SMP Server. BungeeCord, Hub and SMP are already set-up (Including Plugins). AVAILABLE VERSIONS: 1.8.x-1.17...
  11. B

    BaffelMC | Big Streamer (400+ follows) | Need Staff & Builders

    [REQUESTING] We are creating a server with the help of a very experienced developer at the lead of the frontier in the development of the server that is being created. The server will be a server designed to accommodate large quantity of players without interrupting the experience of the...
  12. Chimpster

    Caspian Network | Staff Recruitment

    Hello, On behalf of Caspian Network i am here to give you a chance to be apart of our staff team, We are a growing Minecraft community with a high quality server that includes multiple strategic and enjoyable multiplayer game modes for you to play such as Factions and Prison. With our server...
  13. Chimpster

    Caspian Network Staff Recruitment | Multiple Positions Available

    Hello, On behalf of Caspian Network i am here to give you a chance to be apart of our staff team, We are a growing Minecraft community with a high quality server that includes multiple strategic and enjoyable multiplayer game modes for you to play such as Factions and Prison. With our server...
  14. R


    Hello, I am selling my network its a minecraft network that goes by the name RageLands it has a discord server with 300 members. My network has Factions 2 lobbys Skywars bedwars tnt run the bridge Prisons one block skyblock survival and practice in practice you get to pvp against bots and...
  15. Brasachi

    TinySky Beta Phase | looking for staff and beta testers

    Hello mc-market, as TinySky get's closer to release we plan on having a beta phase for at least 1-3 days before the OFFICIAL release of Tinysky so we can ensure that Tinysky will be enjoyable, balanced, and bug free. But before I go into details about the recruitment, let's talk about the server...
  16. ThatGreenCow


    Hey guys today I'm looking to sell LeviathanPVP due to working on other projects Includes 3 Domains Also Including Artwork Discord With 25 Members And Maps Aquatic Themed DM on Discord for more details Cowth#0001 Make Offers
  17. masecla22

    Selling Revive:MC

    Introduction Back on April 15th, HiveMC shut down. A lot of players were suddenly left without a place to play their favorite minigames on! Out of the ashes, came ReviveMC looking to well, revive the minigames Hive had. The project has been lead by two developers who have been working on it for...
  18. adam2211

    ValorMC | Upcomming HCF Network | Recruiting for Staff & Media

    Hello, i am Owner of new upcomming HCF Network called ValorMC. As title says we are looking for experienced staff for our server. Media positions are paid if you fulfill requirements. Staff Requirements: 16+ Years old You must have telegram & discord Working microphone Speaking english fluently...
  19. SlimyMC

    HIRING Builders Dutch/English (Paid)

    Great to see you on this tread request! We are hiring new people to make a big building community for your server and we're paying you for it as well! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our vison We are trying to make a...
  20. AGP

    Hytheria Network | $30,000+ Donations | 2,300+ Discord Members | Made $5k PER MAP

    Today I'm selling my factions network Hytheria. Hytheria is a great network, with a fully setup Factions setup, it can easily be turned into a network, with its catchy branding and huge potential. Unfortunately due to IRL commitments, I wont be able to do anything more with this server. There...
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