1. itsDox

    Kingdoms of Solaris | Developers & Staff Needed | Up and Coming

  2. RexGuard


    Simple Presentation of our Service Without STRIDE With STRIDE JOIN NOW! EDIT PREVIEW NOW AVAILABLE INSIDE REPLIES Brief Explanation of STRIDE If I, missed something, please Dm me on discord or reply to this thread. Thank you and have a great day Reply With...
  3. R


    I've been working on this server since October and it hasn't needed any support in over 5 months, my life has also gotten a bit busier than it was when i started this project, and i'd really like to see it live on. Riotside is a survival server heavily focused on economy. Players can generate...
  4. Carers

    ⭐️ EmperorMC New Prisons Network⭐️

    EmperorMC is a unique Prisons Network making a difference in the community, friendly staff and awesome players just like you! Map Information ➠ | 6 Week: 42 Days ➠ | Gang Top ➠ | Token Top ➠ | Gem Top ➠ | Block Top ➠ | Prestige Top ➠ | Token Economy ➠ | Custom Enchants ➠ | Custom Crates ➠ |...
  5. Shylor

    🎩 Minecraft Top 🎩- New Toplist - From the Developers behind Discord.Me

    HELLO, WE'RE MINECRAFT TOP Let's not beat around the bush here. Minecraft Top is pretty new to the Minecraft space. We're the team behind Discord.Me and being long time Minecraft players, we thought we should jump in. If you are seeking fame and fortune, then maybe we're not...
  6. vJishca

    Looking for people that want to start a towny server with me.

    Hey guys Im looking for people to help build and start a towny server, with jobs and other cool stuff. I want to start out with towny and then possible move to different servers using bungee, Im open for suggestions. If you're interested feel free to add me on discord Jishca#6134 or reply here.
  7. Riveros

    🌎 StaffMode - Moderation system that help server management!🌎 1.0.13

    StaffMode is a plugin created to facilitate the moderation team to manage a reasonable amount of users and is the best on the market. A community that can report bugs and new suggestions for plugins is a great help! Also here is a direct access to our Patreon where you can support us in...
  8. ImSkyyy_

    HexNation Network | Recruiting Streamers/Youtubers! | (Skyblock, Creative, & More!)

    Hello! My name is ImSkyyy_, I am a manger/developer for a brand new network HexNation! We are a newly updated server planned to release on the 19th of February at around 3pm EST. We are looking for youtubers and streamers no matter the fanbase size. We just want people to come on and enjoy our...
  9. Baerhorn

    RetroMC Looking for Admins ~ Builders ~ Moderators

    Hey everyone! Baerhorn here, developer at RetroMC. We are a Java 1.18.1 PVP Factions server, and are currently looking to expand our staff base! We are looking to build an old school factions pvp server with a twist. We could use the assistance of anyone who's willing to grow the community. Feel...
  10. X

    first time thread design - wumpus - if y'all want I can customise it to suit your own software/server/etc...

    Heya guys, X1A7 here. I made a thread design... I'm new to adobe Xd, this is my first time. Lmk what you think of the thread design If you want, for a couple $$$ I wouldn't mind handing it over so y'all can use it.
  11. M

    OP-Prison server [Need motivated people for NEW project]

    Hello we are currently 2 guys, we have for a time talked about the idea of starting our own server, but we have come to the conclusion that 2 people just is not enough! So are you that one guy or guys with the same vision of making a new prison server then leave a comment on this post and we...
  12. Y

    CrusadeMC | The Best Prisons and Factions Server.

    Hey! We're looking for youtubers / streamers to record on our server. The server has 2 gamemodes, Factions and Prisons. I can assure you both are very well developed. Provided you meet the requirements, you may be rewarded with the Media Rank. Joining now, you will be sure to meet a...
  13. M

    MxHub • Survival • Minigames • Factions

    Heya, MxHub is a fairly new server looking for a very active Co-Owner, very active head admin and lead developer, lots of builders and moderators , we hit about a cap of 10 people online at the same time today and the ip is, keep in mind we only launched today so lots of progress...
  14. Andrew D

    LF a Developer for a NEW SMP for a streamers community

    Hello, I am a fairly new streamer (2 weeks) and rapidly growing reaching at least 200 views each Twitch stream, I currently own a semi vanilla SMP with an average 12 players (without even advertising the server outside of Twitch). I’ve recently purchased a pre-made SMP that I seem to really...
  15. Frath

    ReBornRP -Custom GTA RolePlay server- INCLUDES GFX - SoftRP

    Why I'm selling this?I'm selling this server because I don't have the time and effort to keep on developing/ managing the server. ADD ME ON DISCORD FOR OFFERS ! Jianni#8975 What does it come with? All my custom files All my GFX (Animated/non Icon) Custom Loading screen also...
  16. C

    [NEW SERVER] Shulker-Verse IP:

    Hello this is shulker-verse A NEW minecraft server which is a fun smp, vanilla server!!! IP:
  17. Juako

    [NEW] BRIDGEPRACTICE SETUP| Cosmetics, Profile, Parkour, Tags, Tops, Level Sistem, Maps, Ranks v1.1

    Hello! Are you looking for a complete bridge practice setup? then this setup may interest you! below you will see everything about this setup and images and gifs, remember that this setup I will be improving and updating This gamemode is used to practice your bridges in your preferred...
  18. sysdm

    SolarDev | QuantumFishing | Best fishing plugin out!

  19. D

    Hiring all positions | New server!

    Hi, I am DoctorMcwho or Doc for short! I am running a server with my friend Coulson, and we are trying to create something different and unique with our server! We are trying to push a new idea for SMP's. A server where youtubers, big or small, can come in and hang out on our private server or...
  20. Castratingg


    SELLING EXCLUSIVE Price - 35$ with resell rights MEDIEVAL HUB High Detailed Spawn 1.7+ Informations: Price - 35$ with resell rights SELLING EXCLUSIVE - The map is supported for all versions from 1.7 - Can be used as Lobby x Hub - The size of the map is 200x200 - On the map is place...
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