nullping fix

  1. Scalebound

    SternalSpigot - 1.8.8 | Async | AntiCrash | Basic NullPing Fix | ToxicClient Fix 7.7

    SternalSpigot is a IonSpigot fork (TacoSpigot) focused on Performance and Protection.
  2. SpigotEnte

    SecureCord - powerfull protection 0.7

    Securecord Securecord is a fork of md_5's BungeeCord, it fixes exploits like NullPing, BadPacket and so on. Just put it on yout server and enjoy our service. Why Securecord? Securecord i a high performance BungeeCord! Every check doesn't need much cpu power. We also try to be up to date, if a...
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