50 EMOJI PACK 100% SELFMADE! | Oraxen Ready 1.0

    if you don't like the placeholder, you can simply change it at placeholders with :yourtag: we tested the emoji pack with chatcontrol and it works! can also be used without. The emoji pack is a pack that keeps getting made, it gets more expensive over time. all emoji are 100% selfmade, no copy...
  2. Xankee

    Looking for 3D model maker that can make oraxen crops

    Crop models that i need: - Artichoke Asparagus Blackberry Blueberry Broccoli Cabbage Cantaloupe Coffee Corn Cranberry Cucumber Eggplant Garlic Ginger Grape Peanut Strawberry Tea Tomato Please contact me on Discord or MCM with your price. Thank you, Discord: Xanny#1907

    MERCENARY SWORD | MODEL + Oraxen Ready 1.0

    Note: You can currently win this model in a giveaway on my discord!

    FURNITURE PACK | 12 MODELS + Oraxen/ItemsAdder Ready 2.0


    Murder Knife Model | FREE & Oraxen Ready 1.0


    Demon Hunter Weapon Model | Oraxen Ready 1.0


    Epic King Sword Model | Oraxen Ready 2.0

  8. eloso1506

    ON SALE Grave model 100% compatible with oraxen, graves and angel chest 0.1

    ⚡️ ON SALE ⚡️ Grave model 100% compatible with oraxen, graves and angel chest. Constant updates and full 24/7 support More models in working!!! Requirements: ➔ Graves link: here ➔ Oraxen link: here ➔ Angelchest link: here
  9. LuisomarRTX

    Classic skyblock setup 1.17.1 1.4

    ☘️ Test server [1.17.1] Ip: The dedication of creating a skyblock setup, which is totally different from the existing ones, taking inspiration from ... mods, recognized servers and a long journey in the world of gaming. without falling into copy, this setup seeks to give...

    [-50%] [HQ] 5 EPIC Piglin Themed Tool Models 1.6

    Hello there! I'am selling couple tool models i made in a pack! This pack will increase your server sales! It allows your player feel special and really cool! Your players will want to buy these items! What are the Models? Models are like CS:GO/LoL skins You need a texturepack for use the...
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