pickaxe upgrade

  1. Justgrego

    SkyvalePickaxe 2020-07-17

    Check the plugin out! IP - skyvale.net Looking for a simple drag and drop solution to bring a unique and custom pickaxe upgrade plugin to your server? Then this is the perfect plugin for you! Pickaxes are unbreakable and only useable by the owner of the pickaxe and can be upgraded through...
  2. Kappios

    Pickaxe Upgrades Menu | 2 Styles | TokenEnchant | 3 Colors 1.3

    Pickaxe Upgrades Menu Discord: https://discord.kappios.xyz/ (For Support) This is a perfect pickaxe upgrades menu for an upcoming server that wants to introduce something amazing looking to their players. A beautifully designed GUI, with a lot of enchantments and a few "coming soon"...
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