player shops

  1. T

    ccShop Modern GUI Chest Shops 1.14.x - 1.16.x 1.2.1

    Please note only Minecraft versions 1.14.x through 1.17.x are supported. ccShop adds player shops. The shops require in-world storage (ie chest, barrel) and a sign, with GUI-menus for buying/selling and managing the shop that open from the sign. Features Multiple container support Each...
  2. ImFeelingLucky

    Dutch Style Marketplace World | 24 Player Shops 2.0

    Introduction Allow players to rent out a plot where they will be able to create their own shop, where they can sell their items. Perfect warp destination to keep all the player shops into one place. Players will be able to check out other shops and purchase items from other players while also...
  3. XZot1K

    Display Shops | A New Approach To Player Shops 1.6.5

    Hello, XZot1K here, to answer a quick question about Display Shops. Is it laggy? The simple answer is nope! The displays such as holograms and floating items are all packet-based and sent to the player as a packet asynchronously, which means that the client will see it, but the server is not...
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