1. Ahmeddinhos

    Buying Discord Servers [BUDGET - 50$ - 500$]

    Hey everyone, i'm looking for discord servers that I want to buy. The server must meet certain requirements, below are the necessary requirements. 500+ Discord Members Factions, Skyblock, Prison Related Members in the discord Must be active If your server fit all these requirements, please...
  2. domschr


  3. A

    Minecraft Server Ad

    Hey! I'm looking to buy a Minecraft server advertisement to build a player base on my KitPvP / Factions server. Whatever the ad may be, from a YouTuber shoutout, discord ping, or whatever, if you think you could help gain 1k+ discord members and 100+ active members we can have a deal. Price...
  4. Nanowave

    Small server with player base

    Hello everyone, I’m looking to buy a small server with a decent player base between 10 - 30 players or more. contact me here: Vurizon#1234
  5. Bilal Jaber

    Insanely Cheap Discord Ads!

    I decided to have a huge 25% Sale off on all my discord ads! DM me on discord for the offers! ---> Bilal#8924
  6. Bilal Jaber

    Anyone With a MC Server

    Anyone with an mc server lower then a player base of 50 users or did even release the server yet please contact me on discord you will not be sorry. With my tool you will have one of the best server releases ever. MY DISCORD --> Bilal#8924
  7. M3KHI

    TreacheryMC | Recruiting Staff | HUGE POTENTIAL

  8. SplashOut

    Skyline Factions | 100% Ready | Active Community + Staff Team | Worth $900+ (but lower price!)

    SELLING SKYLINE NETWORK- FULLY READY FACTIONS SERVER If you're looking for a completely ready, no-hassle way to own a Factions server, Skyline is your best bet. I, along with the rest of my team, have put in a lot of work so you don't have to. STANDOUT FEATURES: Full staff and development...
  9. TheEternalMC

    Investment Into EternalMC - 80 USD - DOUBLE PAY BACK

    Hello! Nice to meet you, and my name is Kris, the Executive Owner of EternalMC. Our cooperation, has been in the works for about a month and a half now, and we are on the verge of releasing. We are a KitPvP and Event server currently, but have a custom/unique gamemode that has never been seen...
  10. Jason Deloitte

    CHEAP ADVERTISING MANAGER Around $60 A Week | NationMC

    Hello, I am Jason! (Known As Arkk!) I am looking for an advertising manager to overall spend 60 a week including manager payments and budgeting, we are currently having a stable playerbase of 10-20 people daily! We are looking to grow to around 40-50 soon! You would be a great help and would be...
  11. birthdates

    VampMC Looking for Staff | 300+ estimated playerbase

  12. auston


    Hi! My name is Auston and for the past 5 months, I have been working on a minecraft server. COVID-19 got in the way recently, so I have decided to sell it. It is unreleased. What comes when you buy it: 5GB Plan ( Valid thru end of June ) 5GB...
  13. BluqDev


    THIS IS AN APPRAISAL AND WE ARE NOT LOOKING TO SELL AT THE MOMENT This is strictly for net worth purposes. BattleClash Network Server Address: Web Store: Discord Link: (1,600 Members) (Proof of domains are below) BattleClash is a...
  14. ItzTheGoddess

    Anime RPG: Demon-Slayer | 1000+ Members | Hiring |

    Demon Slayer: Unleashed! Demon Slayer Unleashed server is completely Kimetsu no Yaiba themed. It is a project that has been under careful, flawless development since August 20th of 2018. During these eight months, the entire Staff team has been investing their own personal time to bring...
  15. F

    Server with a playerbase

    Budget: 100 - 400$ im looking to buy a server with a player base of like 10 to 20 people per day The Version and Gamemode can be aything Infos: (i want to continue an existing server with new custom updates)
  16. Dowritos

    Looking to buy a server with active player base

    looking to buy a server with active player base :D add me on discord Dowritos#3204
  17. RockyMtnCowboy

    Servers with an active player base ($1000 Budget)

    Hello! I'm looking to purchased an established server with an active player base. I'm an experienced server owner and have been doing server development, management, and staffing since 2012. I'm a highly professional and motivated buyer so if you're interested please contact me using my info...
  18. M

    DaggerFalls ($1,400+ made)

    NOTE: I AM SELLING THIS SERVER ON BEHALF OF MY GOOD FRIEND Kyezi, and as I am fairly reputable, can VOUCH for him! - DaggerFalls | $1.4k Made | 900+ Discord | SELLING : Mythic Realm Files. Dagger Realm Files. 900 Member Discord. Tebex Store Theme. DaggerFalls Graphics. INFO : We started...
  19. EqZe

    Looking to invest money in a network.

    Hello, my name is Ilay. I used to own SyenxMC, the biggest duping network in the Minecraft community. I made my money, and now, I want to invest in yours. By investing the money, I will require the top role, Buycraft access, hosting+ftp access, and I will help your server growth, get you in...
  20. Zambie

    Faction Server

    Hello, my name is zambie and I am looking for an already setup faction server that has the following. - custom enchants - gkits - vkits (And anything else that will intrigue any players) The best ideal server I would buy would contain all the files already setup, ready for release and or is...
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