1. Novelas

    [WANTED] Voluntarily TreeGrounds Developers

    [WANTED] Voluntarily TreeGrounds Developers Hello everyone! I’m Starfruit and I am the owner of TreeGrounds! It is an fantasy adventure server that has full of twists, mystery, and hidden secrets throughout its history. I recently finished the storyline draft (Getting editors at the moment)...
  2. Liverookie

    ️ Arcade Services ️ Free configuraions for portfolio and vouches

  3. B

    Search Developer

    Hello everyone, First of all I introduce myself briefly, to myself I am Max 17 years old am currently doing my high school diploma in computer science and come from Cologne (Germany), I speak fluent German and English to some extent. What I'm looking for / what I'm going to do. I am looking...
  4. MarketUser

    Minecraft Plugin

    Where should I start? I want to make Minecraft plugins, what is the best thing to do?
  5. I


    I need a plugin (Koth) with these characteristics - Stay still for a few minutes - Koth Send keys to the person who captures that and objects - Random zones no Contact to me on discord KeTapS#0723
  6. smargi

    HarvesterPlus - a good harvester hoe plugin 1.0

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here is the only harvester hoe plugin you will ever need! you will want this plugin because of the vast features that other harvester hoe plugins don't...
  7. J

    Looking For Pixelmon Developers for Setup

    Hi, I'am looking for a pixelmon developer who helps us do the plugins for us. We pay you. Kind Regards, Jake Discord:Jakeynotnice#0975
  8. xSavior_of_God

    HeroxVote Top VotersExternal Sites (JSON)GUIRewardsPartyVote RememberVote Economy 6.1

    What is HeroxVote? Is the best Vote management core in the market, and also the best plugin that gives real value to your users' votes! Compatibility, lightness and network Born with the aim of creating an ECONOMY BASED ON VOTES without affecting the voyr quantity, yes HeroxVote allows you to...
  9. Akatsu

    Buying Health Bar Plugin

    This picture is from hypixel. I am looking for something similar that I can use on my RPG server that gear gives lot of Health. what I want is a action bar that shows the health of player(no decimals) like on the picture. also would like the hearts to remain at max 2 rows and work as % HP...
  10. Arctic Troxx

    Selling custom faction plugins

    Hi, I am selling a custom Factions plugin with lots of gui and fun commands. If you are interested pls contact me on discord: ArcticTroxx#6519 The starting bid is 5$
  11. iNasserx


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