1. T

    looking for anticheat dev

    looking for anticheat dev need to have worked for potpvp networks before and proof good code optimized code you will be paid
  2. J

    Practice Custom 1.8 Spigot

    Hey, I am looking for serious experienced developers to work on a custom spigot. It would need to be heavily optimized. If interested, for more info please add yannis#9999. Thanks
  3. J


    I'm looking for Minecraft 1.7-1.8 practice server developers that will work for free. All I need is a simple practice server with potpvp, boxing and sumo and all the common plugins in a practice server. I'm only asking people to work for free for two reasons. 1. I'm broke. 2. And this can be...
  4. Hornbee

    FyreCC 1.7 - 1.8.9 Pot PvP server *STAFF NEEDED*

    Fyre Games! *STAFF RECRUITMENT* About the server: FyreCC is a HCF, Pot practice, and bunker server with other game modes as well. Frye is aiming to become number #1 1.7 to 1.8.9 pot PVP server in the next upcoming months. The server has been down in development for a long time and it has...
  5. fqcus

    🚀 RocketSpigot [1.8.8] | Cheap & Best Quality| Optimized, Flawless Knockback & Pots, Anti Crash 2.1

    RocketSpigot - Perfect solution for PVP servers that do not need a heavy load in the configuration Includes flawless knockback profiles and pots. Join our Vortex Development Discord RocketSpigot API for developers
  6. failingthebuilder

    2020 HCF & Practice Server - Coral

    Comes With: ALL SERVER FILES + SRC - $300 worth of builds and $350 worth of development Builds: - Hub - HCF Spawn - Practice Lobby - 4 HCF Koths - Custom End - Custom Nether - Custom Terrain Domain: coral.gg Two Domains + Custom Font. Screenshot of Github: (will give a way to...
  7. TraceAPI

    ✨FoxSpigot and mSpigot KB (SUPER SMOOTH)(Amazing Hit Trades And Combos) **ONLY 5$**✨

    Hey Guys, I am here today to sell my FoxSpigot and mSpigot knockback! I made it myself and this is not something that I threw together in 5 minutes I got me and my friends to host a server and test it! If you want to test before buying DM TraceAPI#2065 on discord and I will set up a Test...
  8. Ma1de

    How to create kits in PotPvP? (MineHQ's Plugin)

    Hello, I'm currently looking for how to create kits in PotPvP (MineHQ's) plugin. I did somehow manage it to work but, I don't really understand how to create kits. If someone is can help me, DM me in discord ma1de#4500 or type here, please.
  9. G

    MythHCF Looking for staff!

    MythHCF | The Return We're looking for staff team members and Managers. Join discord.mythhcf.net if intersted.
  10. MacroserYT


    If you want contact me on discord Macroser#3325 I have very active channel, Im doing video recording and whatever u want. I can send you all proofs If u need anything on my channel. Also with paying I will upload video and give you an unlisted link. After payment I will public It! Everything...
  11. MCHQ

    PotPvP | Head Staff Positions | Media

  12. Yaboyi828dh

    DivinePvP / HCFactions, PotPvP, Practice

    Today I'll be selling DivinePvP. DivinePvP is a HCFactions / Kitmap / Practice server, which I do not have time to release to the public. Its an amazing time to purchase Divine as we are currently in quarantine / summer break, which means a lot of people will be off school. What's included? -...
  13. Yaboyi828dh

    Venus | PotPvP / HCF | Configured Server

    Hello, I’m Phycro. I previously owned a server called VonicMC Network, before we switched to Competitive Fortnite we created a brand new HCF experience. I have the entire network in a folder with premium plugins all configurable, I can provide any images or any other information via discord...
  14. Jxkeh

    XOXO Clicker | Lunar AC ON BYPASS (10 EUROS)

    XOXO Clicker is a semi-private autoclicker designed for PotPvP & UHC fully coded in C++. Simplistic Clean console GUI Fully external Not detected by Lunar Anticheat ON Customizable clicks 0-20 CPS More indepth info contact me on Discord » xoxo#2581 You will have to disable Windows Defender...
  15. Yaboyi828dh

    VenusPvP / Seeking Staff & Admin's / PotPvP & HCF

    Hello, I am Coralz the Owner of VenusPVP Network! We are an HCF Server requesting / looking for Staff Members on our server. If you meet the requirements below please feel free to contact me! :) REQUIREMENTS: Age - 14. At least 1 Experience from the past. Must be Active. Must respect the...
  16. Yaboyi828dh

    VenusPvP Network / PotPvP / HCF

    VenusPvP Is a brand new up-coming HCF server that is going to thrive! I am currently looking for One or Two Owners to help me support the server mentally & financially. If you would like to apply for this ownership position please dm me Discord: Coralz#0691 Telegram: Coralz Prefer Discord...
  17. Sadtiny

    Recruiting staff for upcoming hcf server

    We are planning to become a big server QuickiedMC - Helper Applications: https://forms.gle/X8Fuon72e3FgMjwY9
  18. Yaboyi828dh

    VonicMC | Seeking Developers

    Hello, I am the Owner of VonicMC! VonicMC is a HCF or PotPvP server currently seeking for affordable Developers! If you would like to be a Developer on VonicMC, feel free to apply :) To apply please join our discord using this link! https://discord.gg/3WQ3Kns Or directly contact me on discord...
  19. Yaboyi828dh

    VonicMC | Seeking Staff

    Hello, I am Phycro the Owner of VonicMC Network! We are an HCF Server requesting / looking for Staff Members on our server. If you meet the requirements below please feel free to contact me! :) REQUIREMENTS: Age - 14. At least 1 Experience from the past. Must be Active. Must respect the...
  20. oyuh

    Coral Network | Looking for Staff and Media!

    (!)APPLY(!) Coral Network is currently looking for staff with experience and staffing knowledge, if you believe you have what it takes go ahead and apply on our forums(https://coral.gg)! We are also looking for dedicated media with somewhat of a following, the requirements are also on our...
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