pouch plugin

  1. Swanis

    SuperPouches [1.8-1.18] Tons Of Features, GUI, Unlimited Pouches & More! v1.2.5

    The #1 Pouches Plugin on the Market! Super Pouches is a custom plugin which allows you to make different types of pouches like money, exp, mobcoin, item & more! Fully Configurable 1.8-1.18.1 Support Unlimited Pouches Sounds & Titles SuperPouches is a very simple concept that is easy to...

    DeluxePouches (Unique Animations, Effects & WorldGuard Support) [1.8-1.18] Update - v1.1.4

    Unqiue Animations with particles. Various Opening Effects. Fully customisable messages/settings. Paginated GUI to display and get pouches. Unlimited Pouches. WorldGuard 6 & 7 support to disable use of Pouches in specfic regions. Supports any type of pouch (Money, Tokens, EXP, etc). Developer API...
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