prison warps

  1. ItzMehMaikel

    Deluxe Menu Prison Warp GUI 3 Themes, 26 Global Mines, 6 Donator Mines V1.0

    ✨ Deluxe Menu Prison Warp GUI ✨ Features: 3 Different themes 4 Global warps 26 Normal Mine Warps 6 Donator Mine Warps Themes: Blue Pink Yellow Required Plugins: Essentials (for the warps) Permission plugin (e.g. luckperms) DeluxeMenus INSTALLATION (You can also read the READ ME.txt...
  2. Cvrcak

    [FREE] Prison Warps GUI | A-Z | Permission Based | DeluxeMenus | Expandable | 1.8.X - 1.13.X V1.1

    I needed something to satisfy my spare time, so I've put together a prison warps GUI for DeluxeMenus. This is totally permission based and totally editable. For this to function you'll need a pre-existing warps plugin and a permissions plugin of some sort. There is a help item that sends a...
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