punish menu

  1. _Edward_

    Litebans config | Multiple styled messages | Punishment GUI | Deluxemenus 1.3

    Thread design was done by ๖ۣۜζ͜͡Nitro#5763 https://discord.gg/ETGgeEZwnw This configuration provides High-quality litebans messages and punishment GUI. Forget giving Litebans permissions directly to your staff. This GUI runs the command as console and logs the command executor in the ban or...
  2. BlitzOffline

    Punish Menu [LiteBans support] 1.8

    Punish Menu is a custom setup made with DeluxeMenus. This menu supports versions 1.14+ and will work only with latest versions of DeluxeMenus This punish menu allows your admins to kick, mute, ban and warn(with LiteBans) players all from one amazing menu. For players to use this menu they...
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