punishments gui

  1. Wekylend

    Yottabyte Punishments Version 1.1.0-RELEASE

    What is Yottabyte? The definition is a unit of information equal to one septillion bytes! (10^24) Yottabyte also is a series of plugins made by Wekylend. Contributor(s): NeedVoid Support Discord: https://discord.gg/gntMFqnZyj (open a ticket for support) My Discord Tag: Wekylend#7965 MUST...
  2. S

    PunishPanel [1.7 - 1.16.1] | A simple and configurable GUI for punishments 1.0

    PunishPanel is a simple, comfortable and fully customizable plugin for make a GUI for lots of punishments. Features: • Fully customizable (Messages & GUI) • Permissions • Plugin reload command • All version supported WARNING: This plugin was made in 1.8 with item names and sounds from 1.8. If...
  3. Evader

    VisualPunish [REPORTS SYSTEM GUI AND MORE] [1.8-1.12] 1.5.0

    This Punishment GUI Skript, offers features that no other GUI Skript has, it is an easy to understand menu, with features to control your players in every aspect. The plugin links right into your existing punishment plugin. ---------------------------------------------------------------- -...
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