1. SethPRG

    Years of Builds from Tapple and Omega Parkour

    Hello, I'm the Owner of Omega Parkour, a server that merged with Tapple to combine Parkour and PvP to make a network. Unfortunately, things didn't work as planned and we ended up splitting, with Tapple dissolving. Per our agreement, I will sell all of Tapple's assets and some of Omega's to pay...
  2. S

    Looking for Staff | No Prior Experience Necessary

    Hello everyone! My name is ShadyPotatoes and I am the owner/founder of Blue Moon Network. We currently are a java survival based network that is java 1.7- 1.18.2. We usually get anywhere from 5 to over 20 people on daily, depending on the time of day. We also have 1700+ people in the discord...
  3. F

    Newbie: Bedrock setup for my custom mini-game

    Hi, I'm new to this world so apologies if this isn't the right forum for this question. I've created a PVP mini-game in Bedrock, and I'm considering running it on a server. Would I be able to hire someone to get that up and running, train me on how to manage it, and perhaps add a few features...
  4. Thwopsie

    LF Established Networks Valued between $1,000-$2,000

    Hi there. I am looking to expand my current private Network into already established servers for growth purposes. If your server does not meet the minimum requirements below, please do not bother contacting me further. At least 10-50 active players; Exclusive server plugins - not a prebuild...
  5. NAK Service

    ✅[PACK]⭐13 ARENAS SCHEMATICS✨(+Bonus) [50% OFF !] [1.7.X And +] 1.0

    Base Price : 7.99 EUR Discount : 3.99 EUR ✅ ✨You will get : ✨ ❯ 13 Schematics files compressed in .rar ❯ Compatibility from 1.7 to ∞ ❯ Regular updates ❯ Support h24 Screenshots : Sumo Schematics : Spleef Schematic : Contact : Discord : Nitrah#6761 Discord server ...
  6. Tripzz_

    KitPvP Setup [25% Off] 1.0

  7. D

    Looking for good Spigot Fork under 50$ for Mini Games Server, with pvp similar hypixel

    Hello, Someone recommend good spigot fork under 50$ for Mini Games Server (Bedwars, Skywars, Duels)? I need good pvp, similar hypixel where strafing is easy, because for example nachospigot has hard to make combo/strafe.

    FFA - Free For All advanced plugin, unique experience for MiniGames Servers 1.1

    The game is limited in time to rounds in which players can fight and get coins. Default configuration/plugin language is Russian For multi version support, use ViaVersion. Features 1. Auto-restart of the round. 2. Leaderboard in the game. 3. Random map in each round. 4. Types of kits: Free...
  9. g66

    [LOOKING] Partner

    Hello McM, I am currently looking for a partner to create a server with. I have a name and domain already so that will be taken care of. Drop your discord below if you're interested. Serious inquiries only!
  10. K

    [Request] Complete Server Network $XX,XXX Budget

    Looking for a team to custom code and configure a complete server network with: -Factions -Survival -Minigames -Skyblock -Prison -Hub -KitPVP Budget is five figures. Dm on discord cd#1409
  11. Samu1055


    I introduce myself, my name is Samuel I am a 16 year old guy who configures servers, I have been configuring servers since I was 10 years old and I have experience in it My times are | Monthly payments | Daily payments | Payments on time | And fulfilling everything requested and solving...
  12. S

    Crystal Network | Practice | Kitmap | HCF

    Crystal Network is a new server with over 700 members in the discord including some YouTubers and Streamers. We are getting to the point where we are about to release and do not have sufficient amount of staff. We are in need of active professional staff members from wherever to come and help...
  13. BreadBuilds

    [5x 1v1 Arenas] - Duel 1v1 Maps 0.1

    PRODUCT INFORMATION ∎ Size of one: 93x145 ∎ Versions: 1.8 - 1.18 ∎ 1 - Mansion ∎ 2 - China ∎ 3 - Lighthouse ∎ 4 - Temple ∎ 5 - Farmland [/SPOILER] DOWNLOAD you'll receive .zip with Schematic: • 1.8 ⁢⁢• 1.16 • 1.18 World: • 1.8 ⁢⁢• 1.16 • 1.18 Minecraft Bedrock: • .mcworld file Tip: Before...
  14. Grins

    Editing PvP Montages (FREE)

    I just recently started to work with short montage videos, specifically around Minecraft PvP. I have no examples yet but send me your clips and i'll do some clean effects and transitions, I have a bunch of good music downloaded but if you have a specific song send over a link. All my edits are...
  15. Raven1221

    (Requesting) Managers (2) for upcoming network!

    Hello, I am Woahhs. Today I am seeking a manager to help build our network from the ground up and be passionate about the project. I am looking for someone that is willing to put hours into the server whether it be, finding bugs, finding staff, creating documents, or managing the community. The...
  16. J

    Practice Custom 1.8 Spigot

    Hey, I am looking for serious experienced developers to work on a custom spigot. It would need to be heavily optimized. If interested, for more info please add yannis#9999. Thanks
  17. ArrowTan

    Large KitPvP Map | +1.17 1.0

    Tried playing with worldedit and this is what I got version 1.17+ schematic file use worldedit to use schematic Size: probably 100+ blocks, counted from center to border Map Might have issues so if it does have any issues please PM me. 1. Cannot redistribute 2. Cannot resell 3. Cannot take...
  18. NaydrusS

    PRACTICE ➥ 10x Arenas PvP #3 | FPS Friendly ❧ $ 1.90

    ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ Size: ❧ 73W x 149L x 84H Version: ❧ 1.7+ File type: ❧ .schematic 3D View: ❧ Arenas 1-10: https://skfb.ly/o9sNp ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ Themes: • PUBG • Counter Strike • Valorant • Apex-Legends • Free Fire • Fortnite • Doom • Half-Life • Destiny...
  19. NaydrusS

    10x Arenas PvP | FPS Friendly 1.0

    All your favorite cartoon shows brought to practice arenas, perfect for all types of players. ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ Size: ❧ 73W x 149L x 84H Version: ❧ 1.7+ File type: ❧ .schematic 3D View: ❧ Arenas 1-10: https://skfb.ly/o9sNp ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ Themes: •...
  20. D

    Windmill City Battle Skywars | Enchanting | Ores | 12 Players | 1.14+ 1.0

    - Windmill City Battle Skywars Map - This beautiful skywars map is capable of holding up to 12 players in a game. Each island is similar and gives no one player any advantage over another. You are free to customize this map as much as you would like. Each starting island has a glass starting...
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