1. Sir_Craftypants

    [Fishing] Fish of the Gods - 13 Fish + Itemsadder & Pyrofishingpro Configs v1.4

    13 Fish named after Gods of D&D, each Fish gifts a potion effect for a set time. Pack Includes: 13 Textures 13 Json Files 1 Itemsadder Config 1 Pyrofishing Fish Config. Fish Akadi - Speed for 30 seconds Tempest - Haste for 30 seconds Tempus - Strength for 30 seconds Ilmater - Jump for 30...
  2. Sir_Craftypants

    [Fishing] 26 Model Fishing Rods + Itemsadder Config v1.1

    Here's my 26 3D Fishing Rod Pack with Itemsadder Config in 26 different colors and textures. Pack Includes: 52 BBModel files 52 Model Json Files 1 Itemsadder Config In Oak, Dark Oak, Jungle, Acacia, Birch, Spruce, Warped, Crimson, Iron, Gold, Diamond, Emerald, Black, Brown, Blue, Green...
  3. Sir_Craftypants

    [Fishing] 123 Custom Sealife Textures + Itemsadder & Pyrofishingpro Configs v2.4

    I present my pack of 123 individual Sea Creature textures with an Itemsadder Fish Config and a PyroFishingPro Fish Config. That's roughly £0.08 per fish and x2 configs setup, all fish are edible with Itemsadder. Pack Includes: 123 Sea Life Texture png files 123 json files for said textures...
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