quests config

  1. ItzFabb

    📖┃ Quests Config 3.8

    This is not a plugin! this is a configuration
  2. Humax

    QuestCreator CONFIG 425+ Quests 0.0.8

    ⭐ QuestCreator ⭐ This is only a configuration for the PAID plugin QuestCreator - I plan on keeping this updated and adding new quests :) 1.16+ Version • 425+ Quests • 11 Categories (Farming, Combat, Mining, Animals, Lumber, Builder, Blacksmith, Misc, Cooking, Crafting, Daily) • Settings...
  3. miso-chan

    QUESTS V1.0 A Professional Quests Config 150+ Quests Multiple Categories V1.0.2

    This is a Quests configuration for the Quests plugin by LMBishop. The link to this plugin can be found in the dependencies section of this resource. This configuration functions on both the 1.12.2 versions as well as the most recent version (1.16.5). This configuration was not meant to be used...
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