rewards from voting

  1. MovingDev

    RewardPro | Daily Rewards & Rank Reward & Delivery Man 4.4.4

    TestServer: Daily Reward: The player different rewards on a daily join streak. You can fully customize the Presentman reward menu. Citizens support Customizable messages PlaceholderAPI support Customize for every reward, the cooldown individually You can use color codes...
  2. vict2292

    MultiPass | Customizable BattlePass plugin | Up to 54 custom BattlePasses | Add your own events! 1.5

    About: MultiPass is a complex, but simple to understand BattlePass plugin, that allows you to tune and tweak the BattlePasses to cater to your playerbase. All of the challenge events have been fine-tuned to create the best server performance and avoid unnecessary hiccups. A deep and explanatory...
  3. GeorgeV22

    VoteRewards v5.2.1

    Installation: - Stop the server if it is running. - Move the plugin to the plugins folder along with the dependencies and all the soft-dependencies you need. - Start the server and wait for the voterewards to load completely - Stop the server and do the first configuration. Please read me...
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