rewards with cooldowns

  1. MovingDev

    RewardPro | Daily Rewards & Rank Reward & Delivery Man 4.4.4

    TestServer: Daily Reward: The player different rewards on a daily join streak. You can fully customize the Presentman reward menu. Citizens support Customizable messages PlaceholderAPI support Customize for every reward, the cooldown individually You can use color codes...
  2. DarkKnights22

    UltraRewards RECEIVE YOUR DESERVED REWARDS! - Admin GUI | Fireworks | Settings [1.8.8 - 1.14.4] 1.1.3

    ULTRAREWARDS A custom plugin that allows players to redeem their rewards! You can spawn fireworks, heal the players, feed them, and even perform commands! Control all the options with an in-game Admin GUI! COMMANDS /rewards - Gives you your Rewards /ultrarewards- Displays Help Page...
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