1. KyleFurst

    Orange | Video Editing Service | High Quality

  2. TheEqualizer009

    ExonicMC | OP Prison | Huge Potential | $1,100 in Sales in 1 Season | Version 1.8

    Hello MCMarket! My Minecraft IGN is exactlly, despite my weird MCMarket name, that is the name I go with. I am the current and only Owner of ExonicMC, a fairly known OP Prison server, very recently I've come to the hard decision of listing my beloved server up for sale, as I do not have the...
  3. FinnTreestump

    Idle Space - Idle your Minecraft alts 24/7

  4. Fekalist_1

    new year special, all my exclusive maps with resell rights and one special price and ends at start of february

    Price:300€ and is negtionable/haggable. As it's negtionable/haggable the certain price is not 300€, but anything we can agree on. Privliges: resell rights and exclusividy. The proof of being the builder of these maps can be provided if asked. Discord: the darks lords putt plug#6136 or contact me...
  5. I

    Server sale $25 USD

    Hello, this time I come to offer a server that I made but I do not have time to be able to update it, so I made this decision to sell it What am I selling? The entire server, access to the console, store, will also include the domain, the server I acquired for about 3 months and the first month...
  6. JustAdxm

    1.5k+ community server

    must be active budget will depend on online membercount, how many messages a day etc. happy to negotiate. dm me if interested in selling.
  7. MrDubey

    Absolute Network, 350+ Discord Members, Active Player Base (5800+ Players) (25-40 DAU) & Donations

    Selling Off A Minecraft network, Community of 5800+ Players, Well built server with multiple game modes, Survival, KitPvP, Bedwars, Creative, etc. We have active Donators to the server, Who love and support the server. ----- Logo ----- ----- Introduction ----- It has over 350 Members on...
  8. lawa


    deleted didnt u read title?
  9. xisagani

    SELLING ACTIVE PHILIPPINE DISCORD SERVER (12.7k members 3k online) (lvl 3 boost status)

    Add me on discord if you want to buy (must be money ready) xisagani#8236 Link: .gg/gobas Price: $2000 (negotiable) Server is less than 2 months old and will be ready for partnership and discovery
  10. JustAdxm

    Selling 300+ member community

    edit: sold
  11. unclesom

    Server earned $2000 in December alone, $10,000+ lifetime earnings

    Watch this video if you don’t like reading I'm planning on going into the military soon. I can't give this server what little time it needs to revitalize/maintain it or use it to its full potential. If you're willing to hang out on the server and talk, then you can easily get 15+ people...
  12. JamesJamie

    Battlefield 2042 Origin Codes, Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One, PlayStation Codes

  13. vxnyrz

    Sold !

    This server is sold contact me to find more selling servers via the email: [email protected] or Discord: vxnyrz_gaming#7537 The new owner who bought the server: Madcow789#1293
  14. Eco Studios

    Eco Studios | ✔️Buildings & Landscape | Amazing | 30+ Vouches
  15. masecla22

    Selling Revive:MC

    Introduction Back on April 15th, HiveMC shut down. A lot of players were suddenly left without a place to play their favorite minigames on! Out of the ashes, came ReviveMC looking to well, revive the minigames Hive had. The project has been lead by two developers who have been working on it for...
  16. hqlo

    Selling Labymod Cosmetics | half the price | Parrot, Cloak, Bandana, Halo, Fire Hand, and more

    Hi, I'm selling my Labymod cosmetics for really cheap prices since I don't use it that much anymore. For prices, images and more information, please send me a DM/friend request on discord. My discord: hqlo#9999 Payments are possible with PayPal F&F and paysafecard.
  17. R

    Selling 2 Domains - Craftedlands .net & .org

    Hi there, As in the title I am selling the following domains: I will set the domains to redirect to this thread shortly for proof of ownership. Contact me with offers on discord: Riverbug07#0850
  18. Funnychip098


    Hi folks, I'm selling the domain (A play on the word derivative). I initially acquired this domain with the intention of creating an eCommerce site for selling nerdy/geeky apparel. The logo references how a derivative is denoted in math f'(x) and the web design utilizes a modern...
  19. xumon


    I am selling a server with around 10k members and 700 boosts. always 1000-3000 online members. 5000 online at peak. NOT SELLING ANYMORE.
  20. Nick Doxa

    Custom Coded Factions Server FOR SALE!

    I am the current owner of a server called Kunai Craft! It is a Naruto-Based server with a completely custom core as well as a custom-made move shop, path system, combat log, and anti netherite plugin! We have had upwards of 80 players on at peak but recently we have been very busy and havent...
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