1. bizzrd

    AmberPvP | Selling |

  2. theft

    Selling 50k egirl server (still growing)

    Perfect server for making money! Payment: BTC, PayPal, F&F Price:£5K (dm for more info) Contact Me through discord: tokyo#1397
  3. Neonn_Bukkit

    Discord server 6K+ members ❌

    ──────────────────────────────────────────────── Hello everyone! I'm selling a Discord server with 6k+ Members Cheap price so do not lost time! If you are interested add me on Discord: Tepedex#5089 ────────────────────────────────────────────────
  4. fobny

    Selling veteran Krunker account (1.5 years old) - LVL 102 / 5.24KD / 450K+ KR in items

    Selling Krunker account with over 450K KR in items, along with 5K in the account itself. Good stats, with 5.24KD and over 400 nukes dropped (see images attached). Hasn't been played on for the last few months. Proof of ownership and of the account over Discord: fobnyinfinit#2349 Accepting paypal...
  5. T


    The server is less than an year old, and i've generated around 400$ revenue. Server comes with all the required content, which you can actually distribute to the paying customers. Can easily gain more members if you post the link to reddits etc. More information in dms. Add " karu#7843 " if...
  6. KudaLOL

    Minecraft Server Ownership (Made me 2k w/ proof!)

    I am currently super busy and I have no time to work on my MC Server anymore. I have proudly owned it for around 2 months and its been a great experience. But, with school, the holidays, and other important stuff in my life, I have to sell it. Add Kuda#4444 on Discord if u are interested in...
  7. xumon


    EDIT: SOLD! I am buying discord servers, if you got any 1k+ servers, add my discord! xumon#8837
  8. J

    Selling 21k member dating server

    Hello Selling a active dating server with 21k members. Has 30+ boosts , custom bots, Profiles, leveling and currency (all custom) all custom made banners etc Contact on discord AF/ AL/ DP#1646 Price is negotiable
  9. JustAdxm

    community based server [$50 budget]

    Must be active + community based only. Won't go first unless you're a trusted on-site user. Message me with servers on offer.
  10. bigboyben2152

    StaticVortex | Branding, Files and Domain | Established Prison Server

    Hello People of MC-Market, Here I will be selling StaticVortex. StaticVortex was a Prison Server that had months of work put into it. There are many plugins and maps that can be used for a good release! Serious offers will be given a server tour and any questions will be answered. Server...
  11. Fumante1533

    Selling the XV discord server!

    Selling the XV official discord server with 60k+ members Current price: $4500, current offer $2500 (value negociable) Accept: PAYPAL or "pix" for the Brazilians Discord Contact: Fumante1533'⁴⁰⁴.dll #0777
  12. bigboyben2152

    VenomPVP - Factions Server ( 200+ Member Discord)

    Today me and my team have decided to sell VenomPvP Factions Server. Months and Months have been spent developing this server and can easily be released right now due to the fully fuctional plugins and features provided in this server. Unfortunately me and my team do not have the time or funds to...
  13. J

    Selling NSFW server with 500 Members, Level 1 Boost,+ Custom Bot (source code in python)

    The server is well maintained, and nicely organized into categories. Only wanted categories are shown to people, based on their preferences. * 500 Members * Level 1 Boost * Custom bot in Python (can provide sours code if interested) * Nicely organized * lot's of NSFW content posted * 7 Main...
  14. quared

    Selling Custom Minigames Server [Source Code, Brand Name, Discord and Logos]

    Hello, today I am selling Maxicraft, an original and custom minigames server. I am mainly selling due to inactivity, school, and loss of motivation. What's included? - Maps (custom) - Minigames Source Code (custom ones only) - Brand name (no domain) - Discord server - Logos Game modes to be...
  15. xumon


    Edit: Sold
  16. S

    two discord servers for the price of one

    Selling 2 servers one NSFW 3.5k and another non-NSFW 400, $20 for both. Add lawless#0185
  17. xisagani

    Selling 13K Members Crypto/Social Server

    I am selling my personal server which I have grown organically. Filipino/English Members as well. 13.3k members and it is still growing. For inquiries please add me on discord: xIsagani#0001. Reply to this thread below with your username to get accepted faster. The server is ready for...
  18. B

    Selling Established factions servers with everything included

    If you are interested in purchasing our factions server please add me on discord stopage#6081 or leave a reply with your discord. We have had over 300 people online at one time and made profit the first season of release. What I am selling exactly: Factions server, discord server, the tebex...
  19. Pxlta

    Selling Fortnite Account $15 | Only Paypal

    Selling my fortnite account, tell me on Telegram for more information: @ Pxlta
  20. L


    dm me on insta @9lucz for + info the price can go down but not much.. just throw some offers on insta
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