1. Timmit

    🌟 Timmit's Services 🌟 CHEAPEST Discord Members 🌟 Up To 50K+ Joins 🌟 Starting from 1.49$/100 🌟 Grow Your Server!

    Discord Server Members Minimum: 100 Members 100 = $1.49 500 = $4.49 BEST STANDARD DEAL 1,000 = $8.49 + 50 FREE Members 5.000 = $29.49 + 100 FREE Members 10.000 = $49.49 + 500 FREE Members 20.000 = $89.49 + 1,000 FREE Members 50.000 = $219.95 + 3,000 FREE Members Tos Chargebacks for any of my...
  2. Phanthyo


  3. R

    Looking to buy 1.11 skyblock dupe

    Hello I'm looking for a dupe glitch on a French skyblock server The server is in 1.11 but can be played in 1.8-1.11 Your prices will be mine, I can pay with paypal, BTC or dogecoin Here is my discord : dupefr11#5526
  4. DCTRz

    🕹️ArcadeHub Staff Recruitment🕹️

    ArcadeHub Recruitment Hey! ArcadeHub is looking for new Helpers! All applicants must meet the following criteria: -Applicants must be at least 14 years of age. (People who are 13 may be considered if they can prove maturity and capability.) -Have a Discord account. -Have a non-cracked Java...
  5. TiMyTi11

    Discord server fully setup!

    Hi! I'm selling my discord server for 50$ its fully setup with: 10 custom banners and 2 pfps, bots andi can setup some stuff for you! TiMyTi11#0001
  6. Bleyou

    PvPSchool Practice Server!

    PvP School Network Release: Saturday January 22nd 1PM EST General: PvP School Network is an upcoming PVP practice server. You will be able to test your abilities with 10+ different gamemodes including a whole new gamemode showcased only on PvPSchool called SkyRangers. There will be payouts...
  7. JayMC

    BUYING 400+ active discord server

    Hello! I will be buying a discord server that has anywhere 400-5000 members. It needs to have a good amount of people online. Please DM me onsite and send me a link and price or add me on discord WallStCalls#5055 Thank you!
  8. AsterPvP

    New Upcoming Factions Server | Help Wanted |

    Hello everyone, I'm working on a new factions server that will have lots of features. Such as: Custom Enchants Bosses Bounties Slot bots Special Hoppers Unique Armour Coin flips Etc Mainly i'm looking for people to help me setup things before the beta, or during primarily just giving your...
  9. Maazapan

    ② | SKYBLOCK CUSTOM 1.18 ✨ | Texture Pack ▪ Custom Mobs ▪ Custom Menus ▪ Test Server 1.0.3

    Player Cosmetics [/SPOILER]
  10. A

    🛡️ Dragon Shield 1.18 🛡️ • Large Survival Server | Custom Mobs | CE's | Bosses • NEED HELPERS | MODS | ADMINS | BUILDERS

    What do we need? Active Helpers, Moderators, Builders, java developers and Admins! Description Welcome to Dragon Shield! We provide you with a premium experience like no other! And when we say premium we really do mean it! We have a Custom Coded Bedwars for the ultimate experience! While on the...
  11. Phanthyo

    [FR] Sale of my OneBlock server, French server

    Good evening everyone, After a few months of opening, I sell my OneBlock type minecraft server for sale. Unfortunately, I don't have time to take care of it at all and the players are leaving the server little by little, so it is with regret that I put it on sale. The server is mainly developed...
  12. Hembessy

    Mixelate | Premium Builders, Organic Builders, and Terraformers

  13. B3 Development

    AISales Middleman Services are now LIVE!

    -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- My name is Dustin, the founder of AISales. As a team of five at the moment, we plan to expand in big ways soon enough...
  14. B3 Development

    AISales Server/Plugin Configuration is HERE!

    -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- My name is Dustin, the founder of AISales. As a team of five at the moment, we plan to expand in big ways soon enough...
  15. J

    Buying Discord Server (Budget: $10-$1500) /Accounts with medium or large sized server on it

    Buying Discord Server/Accounts with medium or large sized server on it (Budget: $10-$1500). Dm me on Discord. Discord Tag: John Doe#7422
  16. Splodgebox

    Infria - Fully Custom Coded Prison Server | HQ Assets

    Hello MC-Market, I'm selling a server on behalf of the owner. Myself and LucaU (IVenomX) coded this custom prison server from scratch and it comes with a lot of amazing assets including a very detailed logo, amazing builds and a ton of custom-coded plugins. We coded the server for this server...
  17. jaypeelol

    [PAID] Requesting small youtuber from the US or UK to advertise my server (1.18.1 SMP)

    Hi! I own a small network that can easily house 50-100 people with no lags, fully optimized well looking server and im requesting a small youtuber that can make a youtube video for me. I willing to pay 20-30$ for that and the video will be uploaded from the person's YT! Feel free to contact me...
  18. C

    Selling a 1.4k server Active

    1.4k 14 boosts 200+ online peak Made 7 days ago join and Dm Piper#9999
  19. Superbility

    [Dysonical] Server Staff

    Hey everyone! Dysonical is a new upcoming Skyblock server with a number of features including boss fights, pig racing and meteor showers! We plan to release before the end of January and are currently looking for a wide range of staff including: Helpers Mods Builders Admins (Currently Closed)...
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