1. 1Azure

    High-performance Minecraft Hosting │$1.75/GB│ AMD Ryzen 9 5950X

    Decided to open High-performance Minecraft Hosting Service What do I offer? • I do custom Minecraft server hosting • Doing custom orders/custom packages • It is fully custom hosting, I'm not reselling! • Support available for customers Specifications of my most popular package: CPU - AMD...
  2. SxmplyStrafe

    » SxmplyStrafe Services « 🪐 Server Setups 🍂 Plugin Configurations 🍂 Discord Setup 🪐

  3. Inspyre

    Service Service $6 Vanity Tier 3! Cheap Discord Nitro Server Boosting!

    <3 INSPYRE <3 The cheapest pricing, fast delivery, and zero ban risk! Discord Server Boosting Info: Instant Delivery! All boosts last 3 months! 100% legally obtained boosts! Zero % server ban risks! 100% Warranty if boosts fall off! We are of the most cheapest boost providers! Server...
  4. ArtsByKev

    ▶ Unique Minecraft Items, Pets & Mob Models ◀ | ArtsByKev Studio

    ▶ Unique Minecraft Items, Pets & Mob Models ◀ Hey! We're a team of 3 offering varied sorts of services for models, assets, animations, textures and more. The production team consist of: Kevin (aka ArtsByKev) - (Generalist), Adam - (UI, Models, Animation), Jon - (Pixel Art, Animation...
  5. itsDox

    Requesting Small Plugin | ASAP | K.O.S

    Hi! I own a server/network called Kingdoms of Solaris and I'm in need of a developer! I'm looking to have a plugin which allows me to control how fast crops grow in specific biomes e.g. Sugar Cane grows 0.4x in Tundra. Unfortunately due to being slightly let down I'm in a little bit of a rush...
  6. KyleFurst

    FREE Video Editing Service (For Portfolio) (Cinematics, Trailers, Montages, etc.)

    Hello, my name is Orange. I have been editing Minecraft videos, trailers, cinematics, and montages since 2016. I am currently looking to do some free edits/shots for my portfolio that I am using for my website. If you are interested in my work, message me on Discord and/or leave a comment on...
  7. Fairy Studios

    【#1】Fairy Team | 30% OFF | Proffesional Building Service

  8. SolDev

    ⭐️ PHP Web Development ⭐️ [For $5 or higher], high quality ✅& Fast

    Design Made By Me.
  9. kayalust Domain

    Hey there, MC-Marketers! I have decided to sell the domain "", since I think that it was the time to give the domain to a new owner. I believe this domain would have been very popular if you owned services which backdoored services or for image hosting purposes. If you are...
  10. Doffu


  11. Forsaken Services

  12. History Keev

    Selling the cheapest NameMC views on the internet

    Prices starting at 2,00$ (500 views) Maximum: 5,000 Disclaimer: NameMC removes all real and non-real views EVERY month. So this service is like a subscription. Accepting Bitcoin and PayPal (friends and family) Contact me for pricing: Baifo#1234 Other threads...
  13. B

    Selling NameMC followers

    Contact me Baifo#1234
  14. TiMyTi11


  15. Ivan.

    Devnics | Graphic Design Services

    Twitter - Instagram - Website - Discord -
  16. Magezky

    MaGezky Writing | Experienced & Affordable ⭐

  17. nidzoo

    [$6.99] ⚡ Champion Tickets ⚡ | ADDONS | SELLIX & TEBEX | CATEGORIES | SELLER REVIEWS | CRYPTO QR

    (( Click on Image to Purchase Resource )) WIKI (Features, Commands, Addons) SUPPORT SERVER
  18. root7777

    C++ Developer

    Hi, I am a representative of Cloaks+. Cloaks+ is a software that allows players to use custom capes for free, and it is loved by out large and ever growing user base of over 30 thousand. Our current method works decently well, but has some limitations like depending on Optifine, only working on...
  19. Nesovi1

    Nesovi's Configurations | High Quality, Fast & Reliable

  20. himitsu

    Hearth Services | Configs, Discord Setups, Optimization

    Hello! I'm Simonee, a Minecraft server administrator with almost 3 years of experience. I'd like to foreword this by saying that if you came here expecting a large freelance service company, this is not it. I'm just a student who happens to have relatively lots of experience and passion in...
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