1. ExorionBT

    Huge Kingdom Lobby ➔ 600x600 1.2

    Information: > The map is supported for versions 1.8 - 1.18+ > Can be used as Lobby x Survival Spawn > The size of the map is 600x600 > Place for 7 NPC's (can be managed by you) > Beautiful Medieval Village > Nature with nice looking trees & rocks > Port with ship Download: > The download...
  2. MelleJunior

    [Prison Mines] 27 Prison Mines Islands 1.1

    Every mine has the same layout but with unique builds around the mine. The mines are all surrounded by water and ships. It is also surrounded by a nice wall at the edge. Mine area: 41x41x54 It is recommended to click on the album to be able to read the description easier. If you have any...
  3. Springed

    Muli-HighQaulity Ships For Your Server (Schematic) 1.1

    Support Discord: PL_Spring#6709
  4. Denisowator

    Sail Ship "SS Hybrid"

    Images. \/ This gigantic ship is a hybrid between Queen Anne's Revenge, and an English Man o' War. It's very basic in detail, as making it as interesting as any other Man o' War ship in Minecraft, would require an amount of skill that I do...
  5. Crazyspartan

    Ship Pack (4 count) Ships for whatever usage

    Hello there, currently selling a small pack of 4 ships I've made over time. The Ship Pack includes the following: A Brig 6th rate, a Frigate 4th Rate, a Spanish Heavy Galleon, and a Schooner. The ships are scaled off of a more realistic approach, so fantasy level detail is not going to be...
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