shopguiplus premade config

  1. Cvrcak

    ShopGUI+ Configuration 50% OFF BALANCED 10+ CATEGORIES 600+ ITEMS [1.8X - 1.16X] 2.0.3

    This custom advanced ShopGUIPlus Configuration has been created for advanced minecraft servers. Providing the user with fabulous features and unique shop style on your server, attracting people to a point they don't want to stop playing! 10+ Advanced Categories For Your Server! 600+ Items...
  2. KyroKrypt

    ShopGUI+ Configuration [Factions] | 9 Custom Categories | Balanced Economy | 1.8 | 15% Off! 1.1.1

    This is a config for the ShopGUI+ plugin, giving it a new look! This config is designed to provide a great base for a factions server, with a PvP shop, raiding shop, and many more! Features: - Custom Shop GUIs - 9 Custom Categories - Custom Messages - Custom Color Scheme...
  3. IRuleYou

    ShopGUI+ - Balanced Config + Amazing for SkyBlock![HQ] 1.0

    Hey Guys, So, I have been working on a ShopGUI+ config. So here it is, and I hope You Enjoy! Screenshots Features - Balanced - Made for factions - Easy to use Support: If you need support add me on discord: Vito#5981 How to install: - Download the resource - Open the .zip file to find...
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