1. LinsaFTW

    SwiftBoard - Free, Async and Fast 0.0.5

    Please: Consider donating on this link to help our development team. Support: Join our discord server to receive support. Features: PlaceholderAPI support for all text. Highly optimized and performant code. Fully asynchronous using Bukkit tasks. Sidebar system. (Can be set per-world) Nametags...
  2. Lightcaster5

    Professional TitleManager Sidebar 1.0

    Clean looking Sidebar/Scoreboard for your server. This configuration requires TitleManager, you can download here: When you download the file, You get 5 different configs that you can paste into TitleManager's config. If you have trouble...
  3. CrispyBow

    [25% SALE] ScoreboardAddon for AdvancedSurvivalGames | FULLY EDITABLE SCOREBOARD 3.0

    AdvancedSurvivalGames Add-On Support GroupManager Support PermissionsEx Support Placeholders Editable all lines & multi line AdvancedSurvivalGames Features Custom Placeholders Editable update ticks from config.yml Anti Flickering Editable messages Game Segments Game Time /sidebar or...
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