1. syss

    💻 Syss' Setup Services | Minecraft, XenForo, Tebex, Discord 💻 Experienced & Reliable 💻

  2. KudaXD

    Prison Map 1 - Releasing on June 4th @ 3PM EST (PvPEarth)

    Hello everyone, After countless hours of development and hard work, we are proud to announce to all of you that PvPEarth's OP Prison realm is opening on June 4th @ 3PM EST. Reset Time: Click Here to view the time until reset! Spawn Build: We have an amazing spawn that is super easy to...
  3. KibbaX

    • Skyblock Setup • 20% OFF SALE & Full Support by our team

    The Best Skyblock Setup you can find cheap and amazing features, with full support by our team.
  4. KibbaX

    • Skyblock Setup • 20% OFF SALE
  5. Minerverse

    SkyServer by Minerverse - Skywars/Skywars

    The SkyServer is a fully developed, ready to go Skywars & Skyblock server. This is a great start to your own Minecraft network. All required plugins are installed and configured for your players needs and all development needs. To get the server started it will be a matter of downloading it and...
  6. KudaXD

    ☁ CLOUD CRATES CONFIG ☁ Skyblock / Survival Compatible - 1.8 - 1.18

    Hey there MC-Market I am now selling my CloudCrates configuration files for skyblock. This was done completely by me and if you are interested in this purchase, then lets continue! Make sure you follow all the requirements necessary and make sure you know everything about this before buying...
  7. KudaXD


    Hey there, I am selling my Minecraft Skyblock setup to others so they can start making skyblock servers of their own! If you are interested in buying it, DM me on Discord. Since this made a high amount of revenue I need a price that would be worth it. Contact me if you are interested as I am...
  8. jonaas13

    Looking for Feedback on server network.

    I currently own a server network and have been working on it for a while. We have Hub, RPG(wip), Minigames, Skyblock. I would like to get some feedback on the playability and just general quality of the server. Almost everything is custom although most plugins are premade of course. Either...
  9. KudaXD


    Hey, I am looking for a config for the Battle Pass plugin that is for skyblock. I don't want the crappy "Break Coal Blocks" or "Plant 100 Saplings" or "Kill 10 pigs" crap. I'm talking things like "Win 25 Chat Reactions" "Use /discord" "Vote for our server" "Talk to 25 NPCs" and stuff like that...
  10. WillzaTeam

    ThePvP Network | Requesting Skyblock Coordinator

    Hello, On behalf of ThePvP Network, I am in search of a skyblock coordinator. This position will be deemed to go to only experienced people, we do not cut corners. The requirements are as follows - Must be 16 years or older Must have a working microphone Must have prior experience in...
  11. SafariMC

    CaveLight | Paid Staff | Recruitment Helpers + Mods + Admins

    About us: CaveLight is a survival/earth/lifesteal based server in 1.18.2, we are crossed platform for Java and bedrock users! While playing CaveLight you will have a custom experience from terrains to custom mobs! We have many plugins to make your playtime enjoyable, from dungeons to exploring...
  12. KudaXD

    Aurora GG Wave | Custom GG Waves | Customize GG Colors | Customize Length | & MORE! 1.1

    Need Support? Join our Support Discord to get help on any of our plugins! This plugin in a short and simple note is a GG Wave plugin that is used by when someone donates to your server it will allow players to send a formatted GG message in color. You can edit how...
  13. Hetti

    Iridium Skyblock CORE Setup + 5 Islands 1.1

    This is an Iridium Skyblock setup! It comes with 5 custom-built islands, custom guis, tons of missions, upgrades, booster, and a Island Crystals Currency! There are about 10 daily missions that get cycled around. I will try to post weekly updates and hopefully improve the resource! View images...
  14. KudaXD


    Hey there, If you are looking to get a server off your hands then you came to the right place! Is your server dead or no longer wanted? Well, I can handle this for you. I have a pretty good offer for any of you server owners out there! Make sure to read everything below to get a better...
  15. ashe707

    Looking for Skyblock & Prison Streamer & youtubers

    As you can see by title we are looking for streamers and youtubers. please join our discord and open a ticket to discuss further :)
  16. BrainiacMadness

    🌟 Genesis Builds | Cheap, Professional & Affordable | Striving to Provide the BEST Customer Experience 🌟

    Here at Genesis Builds we provide the best quality and experience a team can offer. We are team of professional minecraft builders that have worked with moderately sized youtubers (2k Subs) and many clients in the past. We deliver extremely high quality builds that cannot be matched. Each...
  17. OFENROHR100

    ⚜️Skytale - Staff Recruitment | Skyblock Server | Beta | Mass Recruitment⚜️ PAID

    Skytale - Informations: IP: [1.18.2] Website: Discord: Skytale Store: Please Note: You might have to join us in an interview!
  18. P

    Crystal Network | Skyblock and Prisons |

    Crystal Network ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ INFORMATION ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ We're a Skyblock...
  19. MT inc

    [SuperiorSkyblock2] Configuration modern and simply to use [FR + EN] 2.1 BETA

  20. S | SkyBlock | Prisons

    Hello! I am a manager at Crystal Network and we are requesting a professional mature staff team for our network. We are a network that hasn't released yet but are at the point which we are nearly ready to do so! Steps to apply - Join our discord server. Then head to our announcement channel...
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