spawn for sale

  1. ClockPvP

    Hub - 5$

    hello mc-market, made this forest hub >.< BIN - 5$ Only bidding that will happen is if it somehow goes over 5$ Screenshots happy new year!
  2. HarleySwtfus

    Big Floating Island SkyBlock Spawn [Realistic] [Cheap]

    Hey guys, I am selling this spawn for SkyBlock for $5! If you're interested in buying, simply add me on skype (SkywarsHypixel1) or PM me on the Site! Images:
  3. _MasterHD_

    ★ VERY CHEAP FACTIONS SPAWN! $7.50 ★ (North, South, East, West) %10 off

    Hello, If you are interested in this spawn, please add us on Skype: [email protected] -= $7.50! =- PLEASE NOTE, COMES IN A SCHEMATIC FORM Regards...
  4. Wufie

    Hub spawn | 120x120 | 4 Portals | 3.00$

    We are selling this Hub spawn , a hub intended for 4 portals. Map: Sellfy Price: 3$ not really a proof, but that all we have. Proof PM me if you got any problem/add me to skype: dor5dor
  5. Kelvin R

    Small, ~75x75 Skyblock Server Spawn for sale

    Hi, I'm selling this unused Spawn I had made from me by a user on the Market for me. here is some screenshots: (It was set for ~75x75) BIN: 15$ (Bought for $27) Starting bid: $1 Min. bid increment: $3.75 Close date: 2016-07-05 Current bid: MCTrollers: $3 Thanks guys Kelvin R
  6. Rahul Mukati

    ✦SPAWN✦ Amazing MC Server Spawn - $6

    I Decreased price to $6 From $10 as i don't have proof of making of this spawn. I will take care and will include proof form next time. But Guys This is Not Scam. DEAL PRICE: $6 only! BUY HERE: Please PM me or post on the thread, if you want to buy this or need more...
  7. HowdyFolksDiaznoah

    Selling Spawn 100x100 (Exclusive)

    Sadly I do not have any proof of ownership but you can take my word on the fact that I built this myself on a server but then the server went down. So now I am the only one who posseses this map. Pay using PayPal. You're allowed to resell without my permission. Price: 20$ (Negotiable) If...
  8. Savage_Hotdog

    Groven Cove Spawn

    Groven Cove This spawn was built by one of our fabulous builders in the team named Ichar All credit goes toward him but since he's apart of the team he wants to sell it with the team. This was originally built for another client that wanted it for 60 dollars he hasn't replied in around 3...
  9. Judarr

    Server Spawn -Ice Themed- Highly detailed

    Hello everyone of the MC-Market I am Castani/Judarr. Today I bring you a build ive been working on for about 4 days now! Hope you like it. You can buy it here: Images and proof of me building this: More images of build: There are 8 portal locations on this map...
  10. Flash Builds


    ✶ FlashBuilds ✶ Type: Hardcore faction spawn Size: 80x80 Theme: Fantasy Builder: Jaymoney1 Starting BID: 5$ BIN: 25$ Payment: Paypal ✶ Pictures ✶
  11. Team Gapz

    Op Prison Spawn For Sale

    Hello If You Are looking at this My Team Have Made a OpPrison Spawn. We Are Selling it for £10 or $10 To get in contact with us add us on skype Team.Gapz Or Email Us [email protected]
  12. W

    Server Spawn

    Here are a few screenshots of the spawn (I do not play on the best settings for Minecraft so please keep that in mind when viewing the screenshots): The spawn includes: - A shopping area for players to buy items from (5 separate buildings). - A donor shop area for players who...
  13. G

    HCF Spawn + Custom Roads 100x100

    hi everybody, I selling my hcf spawn it is 100x100 :) It contains: custom roads, villager shops, crates and more! for any problems contact me on skype my skype: gianconswag
  14. DiangelloYT

    50x50 Hub (High Quality)

    Hey guys this is DiangelloCreates (DiangelloYT) I have a really good deal for you guys tbh this is my first time doing this style I have seen it but don't know its name xD, So yeah this is a High Quality hub , its a 50x50 and it fits quiet good for small networks or servers, it has 4 portals...
  15. JVW_

    Small 4 Portal Hub **Cheap**

    Hi i am selling this small hub that was for my server but we wanted a bigger one! Screenshots: Starting Bid: $10 Bid Increment: $5 BIN: $30 Current Offer: If need...
  16. Ivain

    ||| Old but Gold || Hub || Spawn || 150x150 || BEST OFFER! |||

    So long ago, I made a hub for a hypixel contest. Got 3rd place, as I had no idea how to stick to themes back then (theme was arcade, hypixel buildteam won). Later on, I sold it to a prison server for $100. This was Pre-eula of course, when small servers could make hundreds per month easy. I am...
  17. B

    Spawn hub for sale - $10

    Hub for sale. Currently set up with 4 portals. $10.
  18. Questinq

    Selling HCF Spawn [$7]

    HCF Spawn Built by: Questinq I'm selling an HCF Spawn that is custom made by me for seven dollars. This price can be negotiated. If you'd like to private message me, please do so over skype. My skype is EmbruhPvP. Thanks for the interest, and if you'd like to see the spawn in-game, I have...
  19. Sanpedro812

    Simple Desert Faction Spawn

    This is a 92x92 spawn designed for small faction servers. Some owners don't have enough RAM or a large enough community to justify a massive spawn. This is a lightweight, desert-styled spawn made for that reason. The build will go to the highest bidder. Starting Bid: $3 Increment: $1 BIN: $7...
  20. Questinq

    HCF Spawn

    New thread...
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