spigot setup

  1. L

    Levitate's Spigot Setup Ultimate Performance Boost, Dupe Fixes, Anti-Crash [50% OFF] 1.2

    ⭐ LEVITATE'S SPIGOT SETUP ⭐ INTRODUCTION Levitate's Spigot Setup gives you a fully optimized PaperSpigot, this setup is aimed at optimizing the sources of lag, optimizing things from mobs all the way to chunks, and entities that might be lagging your server. ■ Optimized Chunk Loading ■...
  2. Ammar_mc

    [NEW] [SALE!!] RevPrison Setup | CustomEnchants | Unlimited Prestiges | Prestige Mines | AutoSell 1.4

    Features: Includes access to 4 premium plugins with updates (RevRankup, RevEnchants, RevMultiScoreboard, RevAutoSell) 95 EURO worth of plugins Custom Tags Smart Scoreboard (changes depends on your item) Custom Spawn and PvPArena CoinFlip gambling Customized Auction Prestige Mines Unlimited...
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