spigot tweaks

  1. RiznSun

    OPTIMAL SERVER .yml Optimisation AntiCheat & Clearlag AntiWDL & AntiBot For 1.16.4 1.0.3

    These files are the optimal files for any 1.16.4 server, regardless of the jar being used. These files were constructed from the regular 1.16.4 release of Paper Spigot. ❃ What are you getting? ➤ Anti WorldDownloader ➤ AntiBot Plugin w/Config ➤ Clearlag Plugin w/Config ➤...
  2. Reqult

    Paper/Spigot Tweaks > Fix Server Lag > TNT-Cannon Fixes > 1.8.x 1.0

    Description: These configs will help your server have a higher performance, a better gameplay style, or just to make everything easy for you. It contains factions-related fixes and glitched chunks fixes. Info: Green > Finished Orange > Coming soon... Red > Planned to be added Features: >...
  3. ThaMango

    Spigot Tweaks Cannon Fixes Lag Reduction Every Gamemode 1.0 V1.0

    This Spigot Tweaks package will improve your server's performance and game mechanics. This package includes commonly requested features such as cannon fixes, disabled natural mob spawns and many other tweaks to improve your server's performance. Features of this package: 1.) Cannon Repairs -...
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