1. AtlasPlugins


    👋 Hey everyone! Are you looking for an experienced plugin developer, who can make your ideas get out of paper? We are your solution. Atlas Plugin's developer team is a 2 members developers that own the biggest Minecraft plugin's shop in Brazil and now we are coming to the international market...
  2. fergydanny

    [OPEN] SysAdamant | 4+ years of dev experience | Experience with big servers

  3. Mazapan

    ⭐ UltraMailBox - Diferent MailBox Plugin (1.19 Ready)

    PlaceholderAPI Compatible MySQL Compatible Message player join MailBox Particles Create you Own MailBox Skins MailBox Limits Disable in worlds Full Inventorys Configurable MailBox Crafting Recipe Colored and Placeholders Letters Send Letters at Offline Players Hex Colors Compatible Discord...
  4. Zishan Ansari

    MineTrax Suite 1.0.1-alpha

    IMPORTANT: Check out Docs on how to install @ https://minetrax.github.io Demo Server: https://minetrax.live Intro: MineTrax is a web suite & analytics tool for your minecraft servers. Using it you can improve your server engagement by providing a unified dashboard for players to visit and...
  5. K

    Looking for someone to help Setting up mmc like knockback (paid) (still searching)

    So I'm lunching a Minecraft server and need someone with experience to help me setup kb to be like the one from minemen.club. I'm willing to pay good money and/or buy custom spigot needed to achieve wanted results. But tips to how I can achieve that are very welcome also:) Some info...
  6. ProtagTom

    Need a configurator for LuckyPerms and WorldGuard for a new 1.18.2 server

    Hey! I just created a server and I would set it up myself it just takes allot of time for me to do. I am looking for adept configurator to set up my player permissions, and maybe some more additional configuration where its needed, Pricing is negotiable but I am not super loaded or anything...
  7. julien081

    ⚡️ Create YOUR plugins ⚡️ - cheap ✅ - Bukkit ✅ - Spigot ✅ - Support ✅

  8. Saymoan

    [CLOSED] Offering FREE Java Plugin Development!

    CLOSED After doing this for a few weeks, and completing about 8 projects ranging in size, I am no longer doing free plugin commissions for large projects. If you have a simple project you would like, please contact me and I can still try and get that done. Thanks everyone! Hey there! I'm Simon...
  9. D

    Looking for good Spigot Fork under 50$ for Mini Games Server, with pvp similar hypixel

    Hello, Someone recommend good spigot fork under 50$ for Mini Games Server (Bedwars, Skywars, Duels)? I need good pvp, similar hypixel where strafing is easy, because for example nachospigot has hard to make combo/strafe.
  10. Cloud Development

    Java & BukkitAPI Learning

    What is the best way to learn java and bukkit together? It's recommended to buy a course for that? Write all of thoughts about that guys.
  11. S

    Requesting Survival Setup (Cheap)

    Hello, I'm looking for someone to setup Survival for my server for a cheap price if you are interested please contact me on my Discord: Syper#3037
  12. S

    Offering a Newbie Developer Services

    I started developing Minecraft plugins 2 years ago, since then I learned a lot but I still consider myself a beginner, I would like to offer my services to those who want to hire me, if you are interested please contact me on discord: Syper#3037
  13. Eivor

    Weird Mine Reset- Partial Mine Resetter 1.1

    Requires Java 17
  14. CG-John

    John Dee Software - High quality spigot or paper plugins

    Experience I am an experienced developer, mainly in Java, JavaScript and C#. I have developed a Java Game Engine and countless spigot plugins for a now (sadly) discontinued Minecraft Server. My work includes: Economy Plugin with Companies, Shares and Banks MindPvP (A 1vs1 mini game, where you...
  15. Sammwy

    ☄ AdvancedParties ⭐ | Best Party Plugin 0.0.2 0.0.2

    Mandatory: Jedis Wrapper Milkshake Bukkit Optional: InterfaceMaker (To display party info in a GUI)
  16. Function

    『 𝕾𝖙𝖊𝖆𝖒𝖜𝖔𝖗𝖐𝖘 』⚡ Affordable, Experienced, Flexible ⚡ Minecraft Plugins

  17. Rabbite Dev


    Dungeons On progress
  18. ChickenStyle

    Offering Plugin Development | 2+ years of experience

    Hello I am ChickenStyle, I am a Minecraft plugin developer and I am looking to develop some plugins or become a full time developer for a server :) My specialties in plugins: Spigot API NMS (Any version) Basic World Generation Custom Mobs Discord: DanielBruh#0250 My Discord Server (Pretty...
  19. RocketPlugins

    🚀 RocketPlugins | Affordable minecraft plugin development

    ——————- The first replies below may be related to an old version of this post
  20. L

    Minecraft Dev Needed! (Possibly On-Call?)

    Hello! I am currently looking for a minecraft dev that is willing to deal with new server owners! Our team just lost our dev and we are in need of a dev for the server we are creating. We are currently using pterodactyl panel, and we are more comfortable with spigot! The team is also trying to...
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