1. Innings

    Cannoning Patches | Smooth Cannoning | Several MC Optimizations | Large Server Support | 2.0

    Today I am releasing my cannoning jar fixes. These options of jars are working smooth when I tested. This is a cheap solution to fix cannoning. These offer 2 types of jar's & configs for 1.8.8. These are good for factions, but also offer skyblock & survival optimizations. ( Want yours here...
  2. Stefatorus

    Advanced Spigot&Bungee Tweaks - Fix Server Lag TNT-Cannon Fixes Anti X-Ray 20+ Templates 1.7-1.14.2

    Trusted by big networks such as: Most Purchased Optimization Resource This resource is the most purchased optimization resource on Mc-Market. With over 100 happy customers, you can be sure you'll get satisfied by the resource. Actively worked on and improved over time, with fast & helpful...
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