staff plugins

  1. Omidius

    AdminCmds [1.8 - 1.16+] v1.9.2

    Overview AdminCmds is basically a "continuation" of the old AdminFun plugin. I didn't use any of the same code or anything, just the same idea to build a fun, powerful plugin that can both benefit your server and cause some chaotic fun at the same time! Check out the commands you can do down...
  2. S

    SimpleStaffRequest | Easy request commands for your server 1.1

    - PLEASE READ THE README.TXT IN THE PLUGIN FILE SimpleStaffRequest is a very simple plugin for your server (BungeeCord not supported yet) to allow the players some commands like /report and /request. Features: • Fully customizable (Messages and config) • Cooldown system • Permissions • Config...
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