1. julien081

    ⚡️ Create YOUR plugins ⚡️ - cheap ✅ - Bukkit ✅ - Spigot ✅ - Support ✅

  2. MeoowYT

    Staff Certification!

    Hey MCM! I'm currently looking for some people interested in contributing in some sort to my new project, whether this is with skills or money, Minecraft Staff Certification, there would be probably a website of some sort, where people can take courses and tests to get certified for different...
  3. Dominikflor

    🎇MagicalMines | Staff And Developers! | Apply Now

    New Server! After some deciding i have made a Minecraft server, i have lots of experience in making servers and configuring plugins and such. im looking for staff and mods/developers that are looking to grow with my network! i have invested a good amount of money and will be investing more into...
  4. Charther

    help to use Anti-piracy placeholders

    I need help on how to use the Anti-piracy placeholders, which mc-market provides in this link:
  5. Thwopsie

    In need of Multi-functional, all-purpose Discord bot

    Hi there, I am in need of a multi-functional, all purpose bot that can do the following: Link to Player's Minecraft account as well as NameMC account Ticket support system Link to a website - not immediately required Statistics Tracking linked to server Roles and User Verification Create...
  6. Zopetto

    Looking for a Support Agent position [UNPAID or PAID]

    Hi, I'm Zope. I'm from the UK (GMT). I'm looking for a position as a Support Agent/Staff at YOUR company! Why should you hire me? I have lots of experience staffing for mainly Minecraft servers as well as hosting companies which means most of my knowledge is in that sector, however, I'm always...
  7. PapaWulf

    Wulfys Setups & Configurations | Reasonable Pricing | Fast Workflow | Impeccable Quality

    Resume Portfolio Vouches (Coming Soon) In the meantime check out their discords! NostalgicRealms | UnrealCraft | PokeLumia 1644530417 Offering 2 vouch copies of a short-term service! 0/2
  8. jdmallow


    1644291090 RESERVED. Discord: mallow#0996
  9. Delkov

    Domain for my Minecraft server 🤵

    So, I've recently opened a SkyBlock server and I am currently in need of a domain for my server. The domain is not that expensive: $8.98/yr - Retail $13.98/yr Please contact me on discord for more information. Delkov®#0880 913408667020324894
  10. Syxro

    EuphoriaMC | Staff Recruitment

    Good morning to everyone reading this, EuphoriaMC has just finished it's one month of BETA and is looking to recruit some more Staff members. The server is at 100% development stage and we have mitigated and cleared any known bugs off. We're now officially into season #1 of the server. ✦ Hard...
  11. P

    Partner/Sponsor for mc hosting company

    Introduction -- Hey, I'm Pokey, you're probably wondering why should you partner with me? Well, it's really more because I have a passion for making servers, and hosting servers. Well if I do then why do I need partner? I am not financially stable enough to support the hosting cost per month...
  12. nidzoo

    [$6.99] ⚡ Champion Tickets ⚡ | ADDONS | SELLIX & TEBEX | CATEGORIES | SELLER REVIEWS | CRYPTO QR

    (( Click on Image to Purchase Resource )) WIKI (Features, Commands, Addons) SUPPORT SERVER
  13. SHA256_

    Titan Prisons - Recruitment - Needed.

    Titan Prisons Recruitment We are looking for volunteers to help Titan Prisons become one of the most unique experiences, we are looking for people with passion and eager to help us. We are not looking for anything specific just trying to grow a community of brilliance to help and gain peoples...
  14. S1N_Slinky

    Discord Bot & Website

    Selling Discord Bot Called "Server Cleaner" And Its Website "" What You Will Get: - Bot With Code! - Code For Website And The Domain - Emoji Server Were The Bots Emojis Are Stored - Bot Its Self (In 80 Servers And All Servers Combined Have 70,000+...
  15. ElectronJS

    Basic Hub Premade 1.0

    Premade Hub For New Servers Got custom made & exclusive tab Special guis that were designed for mini-games Custom Configurated plugins Comfortable and easy to use! -Super Cheap- Many updates will come out! Server MOTD Scoreboard & Tab Spawn/Lobby Server Selector Our Discord...
  16. Zorino

    [$6.99] EvoBot | Ticket Categories, Cloud/Self Transcripts, PayPal Support, Suggestions 3.2.1

    Discord Server / Support Server • Configuration Guide • How to Install The bot Showcase Sponsored Hosting Terms & Condition 1. You are aware that there is a strict no refund policy. 2. You are aware that issuing a charge back/dispute will get you suspended from all our products and...
  17. Leighton21

    *NEED*Health below name Plugin

    I need a plugin that show the health below. It needs to work with QuickBoard plugin and Tab plugin. Like this.
  18. Incomprehensibl

    --High Quality, Support Included Pterodactyl Installations-- Starting at $2!

    Hi, JIBSIL here back with another product! So, what is Pterodactyl anyway? Pterodactyl is a game server manager equipped with state-of-the-art container isolation technology to prevent hacks on your main server. It was built in PHP and can be tricky to set up sometimes. However, I believe that...
  19. ShayPunter

    Bungee Mod Request #1 Bungee Support Plugin For Your Server! 1.0.1

  20. R3mzzy

    Discord SetUp

    Hi, I offer complete discord server settings, according to your wishes. (I will make a new discord server where I will add you, and when everything is done and you like my work, you can keep me as an administrator and I will take care of everything :) I run a server focus on games, I set up a...
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