1. KudaXD

    ☁ CLOUD CRATES CONFIG ☁ Skyblock / Survival Compatible - 1.8 - 1.18

    Hey there MC-Market I am now selling my CloudCrates configuration files for skyblock. This was done completely by me and if you are interested in this purchase, then lets continue! Make sure you follow all the requirements necessary and make sure you know everything about this before buying...
  2. turtle101

    [1.18.2] ☯ MineSlayer ☯ | +8 Jobs | +1200 Quests | Rankup System | Balanced Economy | And More ... !

    ➤ A little bit about our server MineSlayer is a Survival Server Like No Other, with so many custom plugins & active server developments! There is tons to do on our EPIC server! Join a job & sell items to the markets, level up and get access to exclusive perks . Join our weekly events and have...
  3. Thwopsie

    LF Established Networks Valued between $1,000-$2,000

    Hi there. I am looking to expand my current private Network into already established servers for growth purposes. If your server does not meet the minimum requirements below, please do not bother contacting me further. At least 10-50 active players; Exclusive server plugins - not a prebuild...
  4. cool40

    [PAID & STILL OPEN] Looking for an advertising manager

    Hey everyone. I am the owner of an ambitious RPG Survival server called MarsCraft, and I am looking for an advertising manager. I am looking for somebody who can manage our social media, do some "aggressive" advertising, maybe even have your own plan, but overall this person would have to be...
  5. Joshpeck11


    Hello, I am in need of an Earth SMP server, or a Lifesteal server, I would also be looking for a linked Hub (I would like all the ranks to be linked together and for there to be a coin system that will be used throughout the server used to buy things) For the setup, I have some servers in mind...
  6. SafariMC

    CaveLight | Paid Staff | Recruitment Helpers + Mods + Admins

    About us: CaveLight is a survival/earth/lifesteal based server in 1.18.2, we are crossed platform for Java and bedrock users! While playing CaveLight you will have a custom experience from terrains to custom mobs! We have many plugins to make your playtime enjoyable, from dungeons to exploring...
  7. KeystoneBuilds

    Lobby Brown Castle ➔ 500x500 1.0

    Information: > The map is supported for versions 1.8 - 1.18+ > Can be used as Lobby or Spawn for Survival > On the map is place for 8 NPC's (can be managed by you) > Place for Crates (can be managed by you) > Place for Statistics > Place for info boards > Beautiful giant castle > Village with...
  8. Shortaholic

    [SOLD] Established Network | $11,500+ Revenue | 1,600+ Discord Members | Very Profitable

    Hello! My name is Shortaholic aka Nicolas! I am looking to sell my Minecraft Network. My reason for selling is I want to work on other projects and begin new things. Whats Included Below will be a list of everything that is included with the purchase of the Network. TikTok Account (33,000+...
  9. BrainiacMadness

    🌟 Genesis Builds | Cheap, Professional & Affordable | Striving to Provide the BEST Customer Experience 🌟

    Here at Genesis Builds we provide the best quality and experience a team can offer. We are team of professional minecraft builders that have worked with moderately sized youtubers (2k Subs) and many clients in the past. We deliver extremely high quality builds that cannot be matched. Each...
  10. HDcookie


    Want to purchase this setup? Join the discord and make a ticket, it's that simple! Want it customized to your server? It can be done for a small fee, just ask! Credit to FunkAaron for the amazing thread design, check him out!
  11. HDcookie


    Want to purchase this setup? Join the discord and make a ticket, it's that simple! Want it customized to your server? It can be done for a small fee, just ask! Credit to FunkAaron for the amazing thread design, check him out!
  12. R


    I've been working on this server since October and it hasn't needed any support in over 5 months, my life has also gotten a bit busier than it was when i started this project, and i'd really like to see it live on. Riotside is a survival server heavily focused on economy. Players can generate...
  13. S

    Requesting Survival Setup (Cheap)

    Hello, I'm looking for someone to setup Survival for my server for a cheap price if you are interested please contact me on my Discord: Syper#3037
  14. Austin V

    1:700 Earth Map (60k x 30k) (Realistic Biomes, Terrain, Rivers, etc.)

    Hi! I am selling a 1:700 Earth Map. This map is highly detailed with realistic biomes, terrain, rivers, mountains, etc. There are also custom ore deposits scattered throughout the map. Feel free to message me here for questions, prices, and screenshots of what the map looks like in-game! This...
  15. carnagemc

    [250x250] Floating Village [Hub/Spawn]⛰️ ONLY $5.99 [50% Sale Limited time] 1

    RESOURCE INFORMATION: Floating Village Can be also used as a survival lobby Size: ≈ 250x250 Version: 1.8 - 1.18 ∎ Places for NPCs ∎ Places for Crates ∎ Leader board holders ∎ Two portals ∎ Dragon ∎ Houses ∎ Castle ∎ Few structures ∎ Nice terrain and so much more.. Tip: Before loading the...
  16. K

    [Request] Complete Server Network $XX,XXX Budget

    Looking for a team to custom code and configure a complete server network with: -Factions -Survival -Minigames -Skyblock -Prison -Hub -KitPVP Budget is five figures. Dm on discord cd#1409
  17. FIKKU


    hello! I am selling this survival spawn with a colorful theme of flowers and a bit of fantasy | 350x350 for only $20.50 with resell rights included. CONTAINS: -SPAWN ZONE -1 GATEWAY -ZONE OF CRATES -NPCS ZONE If you are interested in the construction you can contact me through my discord...
  18. Samu1055


    I introduce myself, my name is Samuel I am a 16 year old guy who configures servers, I have been configuring servers since I was 10 years old and I have experience in it My times are | Monthly payments | Daily payments | Payments on time | And fulfilling everything requested and solving...
  19. PusangGala


    Welcome to Island a Survival setup OR-inspired server. The Island Survival setup is 1.18.2 version. With NPC MODEL, ANIMATED NPC, SHOP time interval. Cosmetics, Custom enchants and more. TEST SERVER Server Located: San Jose, California IP: IMPORTANT NOTES: This is a...
  20. rehhs

    YouTuber Open For Partnerships

    How you doin, my name is rehhs(rez) I'm offering well edited videos / trailer posts for your Minecraft Server. Currently returning to the Minecraft scene so my views have had a decline. I'm using TikTok as a way for growth, and it has been very reliable. As I'm returning to YouTube, I cannot...
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