1. Zowpyy

    zTag [1.7-1.18] 2.0

    zTag is a light-weight Tag plugin this tag plugin is a recreation of the old pvptemple tags discord: https://discord.lyragames.net
  2. Vierdant

    Font Textures - Player Ranks Icons 1.1

    Now also supports ItemsAdder and comes with a ready-to-use config!
  3. Semify

    DeluxeMenus | Tags | FREE CONFIG 1.0

    ️ ❤️| DeluxeMenus Heart Tags | ❤️️ FREE CONFIG Made by Semify PICTURES: End of the resource. If you have any questions ask me on Discord: Semify#4477 Enjoy the menus!
  4. Alphvbeto

    Discord #0011 Tag

    Contact me on Discord to offer $ alphvbeto#1166 Accepted payments Paypal F&F BTC
  5. R


    Characteristics: 90% of the plugin is translatable and configurable Super Lightweight ! EssentialX support ! DeluxeTags importer (check /robottags import) MySQL support ! HEX COLOR SUPPORT configurable on all the tags for the version 1.16 & 1.17 ING GUI SYSTEM (so you don't have to make one)...
  6. TropicalDev

    TropicalTags | Advance Tags Plugin | $0!

    FEATURES » Create the tags in-game » Create the permission for the tag in-game » Automatic Instructions to help you guide you through creating a tag » Fully edit the GUI of the /tags » Players able to preview the tag in-game » To display the tag in chat. Go to Essentials and put this...
  7. Juako

    [FREE] DELUXE TAGS PACK | 36+ Configurated Tags and Icons Tags 1.1

    36 Tags configured totally free! Would you help me by giving a positive review! Features: - Custom Tags - Custom Menu - Custom Descriptions - Custom Message - Simple and easy Permissions - Tutorial on how to install the configuration ⋆ Preview Tags And Menu ⋆ ⋆ List of tags ⋆ ⋆...
  8. Inviss

    xTags | The all NEW tags plugin Unlimited tags FlatFile/MongoDB/MySQL 1.0.1

    xTags is the all new FULLY CONFIGURABLE TAGS PLUGIN, which will make a perfect fit for your server! This plugin will be actively maintained for the foreseeable future, and all puchases come with lifetime updates. Questions? Feel free to join https://discord.gg/C2DBJaFrme and open up a ticket...
  9. Shawio


    HELLO ▬ • Greetings MCM Users, You can send a private message for more questions. ▬ • Total Members: 3050 • Daily Active Member: 400 - 800 • Server Boost: 6 • Server Region: There are members from every country on the server. It is a global server. • Server Purpose: Nitro Win Server ▬ Price: BID!
  10. K

    LF rare discord discrims (#0000)

    looking for discord tags #0000, #3333, #5555, #7777, #8888, or #9999
  11. cronu


  12. Kappios

    Atlantis Setups DeluxeTags Config w/ ~30 TagsCustom DeluxeMenu | 2.0

    This resource which comes with ~30 tags will give your players a reason to donate or something to work towards. These tags will also enhance your server's chat and look good to new players. Because the default DeluxeTags plugin comes with an uncustomizable and quite bland gui, we decided to...
  13. Meu

    Writing Services | Price Matching | Highest Quality

    Meu's Writing Services Information: Offering: staff guides/handbooks, forum/discord announcements, rules and server guides Cost: $5/ staff guide, $2/ announcement, $3 for rules, $5/ server guide Time: your product will be completed within 2 days (extra cost for express delivery - $1) Why...
  14. Zeptic

    [ Highly Vouched] DISCORD SERVER SETUP + Repair Server + Low Ban Chances (Professional Server Set

    Discord Server SETUP I make a professional discord server for you, depends on what category you want me to make OVER 30+ Server's Created and Designed https://discord.gg/6p7NWBj GAMING SHOPPING COMMUNITY SPORTS SHOP REFUND DISCORD = HopeGod#6837 WHY CHOOSE ME? made more than 40+...
  15. Dinalo

    Selling Discord #1234 Discrim (OG WITH OG NAME)

    I saw this Forum so i thought i could try to sell my last OG with a OG name here :) Add me their to discuss :) tag#1234
  16. K

    Kiriku's Ownership (A Rank/Punishment core)

    Hello MC-Market, today I am selling ownership over my plugin named Kiriku. Since i have alot of stuff to do in school so i don't really have time to update the plugin frequently. All of the plugin's feature will be listed on this threat https://www.mc-market.org/threads/545127/ if you have any...
  17. stevenshighway

    ⋆ TagsX | Create your own tags | Fully customizable! ⋆

    TagsX Developed by stevenshighway. Features: All versions support Create unlimited amount of tags Customize every single aspect of the plugin including each tag's permission node Ability to replicate any server's tags plugin The plugin will never break Cross-server features Screenshots...
  18. brobie1kanobi

    FreezeTag Game Skript 1.1

    Freeze Tag Remember playing Freeze tag? Running around freezing other players and only the "unfreeze team" could unfreeze them. Well now you can play it on Minecraft! Play with up to 16 players at a time and attempt to not be frozen in order to win diamonds (or whatever your server offers as...
  19. Ally

    TIP: Use tags on all your threads.

    Making a thread. When you make a thread, say for selling, you should probably make sure you use the tags box right under your message. When you add tags, not only does your page become more visible (say to Google, who actively looks for tags on forums like MCM), you can make people who want to...
  20. discrim

    instagram @drumguns

    selling my @drumguns tag tell bids in comment section c/o : / bin : /
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