team deathmatch

  1. BCraft

    SETUPPVPGames SPIGOT 1.8 - 1.12 | +15 MAPS | TDM | CTF | DTM 1.7

  2. BCraft


  3. V

    Custom TDM Plugin

    Hello! I am in the process of releasing a COD type minigame with multiple maps and classes utilizing crack shot. I would like to have a custom team deathmatch plugin created for this that allows multiple arenas, team spawn points, and a scoring system. I am guessing I could use a kits plugins...
  4. Lowryo

    StarForceMC Network

    StarForceMC is an up and coming minigames server based on the starwars universe with a twist. The server hosts two game modes that everyone knows, team deathmatch and capture point, however we have brought in a whole new experience with the modes being playable in full ground based combat or...
  5. sevdeawesome

    Modded Flans Server+ Modpack (1 month old+ 21,000 downloads) Server made $800/month CHEAP TO BUY!

    So Ive been making technic modpacks for a while, this one was one that I put a lot of work into. The server is essentially call of duty in minecraft. Here are a few youtube videos of people playing on my server (I got these just from looking up Heroes of War) these will give you an idea of how...
  6. prophetofanger

    BIG Dwarven vs Elven map LOWERED PRICE

    Hello, me and my build team have been saving up maps we have been building for one and a half years and we decided to sell them all instead of them sitting there and collecting dust (I will post the other maps later), so I decided to start off strong and post our personal best in our opinion...
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