1. THCDevelopment

    Troll Plugin Ultimate 2017-07-22

    []================ Description ===============[] A Lot of you Love trolling. This plugin is the perfect soloution to troll users or friends on your server. A big fun for all Players, Youtubers and Owners. With ca. 30 Commands an functions a very intelligent System without known bugs. For more...
  2. THCDevelopment

    Particle Boots [Premium] 2.01

    []================ Description ===============[] A lot of people know Particle Boots from Big-International Servers like Hive or GommeHD. This Plugin is the complete solution to get more users for your server! With more than 18 perfectly Boots its easy and very funny to jump around into the...
  3. THCDevelopment

    Anti-Killaura Anticheat 2017-07-22

    []================ Description ===============[] A lot of People know the problem that anybody use Hacks and destroy the Fun of the Game. This Plugin is the Anti-Killaura solution for every Server. The plugin is very useful, because it spawns the bot at different locations the every client does...
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