1. ThaMango

    Custom MCMMO Messages! 4 Colors! V2.0

    ==[ Custom MCMMO Messages ]== Note: You will need to download a programme that allows you to edit .jar files such as winRAR its free. You will get 3 different colors GOLD, GREEN and AQUA plus you will get a .txt file explaining how to install the files.
  2. Kappios

    Atlantis Setups Server List Config 7 Styles 2.0

    This product comes with 7 server list styles. All styles are shown in the spoiler below. Once downloaded, you will see that each style comes in all different colors. This makes it significantly easier to install on your server. Because this resource comes with such a variety, you are definitely...
  3. ThaMango

    Survival Setup | Spawner Upgrades | ShopGUI+ | Custom Enchantments | Plus More! v2.0

    • Custom Enchantments • Custom Achievements • SpawnerUpgrader • WorldBorder • Bounty Sistems • 8 staff ranks • 5 donator ranks • 12 kits • Custom Shopgui+ • Plugin for trade • Anti WDL ▪ You can not dispute/chargeback ▪ You can not share this setup to...
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